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What are Donation Perks?
Everyone who donates to Kingdom Of Knuffel gets Fairy Coins () as a reward. In addition to this, we reward users who donate certain amounts of money within a month with additional gifts.
This month's Donation Perks are:

Donating for 5 : (Paypal 9.50€ / $12.50, credit transfer & Letter 8€)
Queen's Ribbon Crown (Ecru)

Donating for 10 : (Paypal 19€ / $25, credit transfer & Letter 16€)
+Queen's Ribbon Crown (Ecru)
Queen's Peony Tattoo (Crimson)

Donating for 15 : (Paypal 28.50€ / $37.50, credit transfer & Letter 24€)
++Queen's Ribbon Crown (Ecru)
Queen's Peony Tattoo (Crimson)
Queen's Kimono Obi (Amethyst)

Donating for 20 : (Paypal 38€ / $50, credit transfer & Letter 32€)
+++Queen's Ribbon Crown (Ecru)
Queen's Peony Tattoo (Crimson)
Queen's Kimono Obi (Amethyst)
Queen's Double Hair Ribbon (Magenta)
Unlike Fairy Coins, donation perks are not granted instantly. It may take up to 24h for the items to be added to your wardrobe. Go here to our donation info page.


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