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Death and Dying
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Author:  Tangerine [ Jun 7th, '12, 01:12 ]
Post subject:  Death and Dying

"The cemeteries of the world are full of indispensable men." -Charles de Gaulle

"Of all the world's wonders, which is the most wonderful? That no man, though he sees others dying all around him, believes that he himself will die." -Mahabharata

"He who pretends to look on death without fear lies." -Rosseau

"Knowledge by suffering entereth,/ and life is perfected by death." -Elizabeth Browning

What are your thoughts on the end of life? It's an easy topic to avoid when one is young, but we'll all get there eventually. What do you make of vampire (immortality) popular culture exploding in the last decade? With every generation, there are people who believe that immortality is scientifically possible, and just around the corner. How would you prefer to die? And when? Is beauty beautiful without death? Is life meaningful without death? Let's ponder the big mystery. :3

Some last words:
"What's this?" -Leonard Bernstein
"I'm going over the valley" -Babe Ruth
"All my possessions for one moment of time." -Queen Elizabeth I
"God bless. God damn." -James Thurber.

Author:  Miashin [ Jun 7th, '12, 05:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: Death and Dying

I don't think that vampire/immortality bit is anything new to many cultures. The vampires are just a new sparkly 'good looking' dress up for what people have been wanting for many generations (immortality).

And personally I think the desire for immortality is just a reactionary response to the real emotion, fear of death.

Or perhaps, even more specifically. Fear of the unknown after this world, fear that everything you've ever built and done in your life is inconsequential and will fade, fear of being forgotten.

Fear of being 'nothing' in short.

I don't know how I'd prefer to die, rather I'd prefer to not die at all thank you very much. XD
But since it's going to happen eventually no matter how I feel about I rather not spend the time or energy thinking about it all. Avoidance perhaps, but I hate worrying about things I can't control.

And I believe life and beauty would be quite meaningful and beautiful without death.

Author:  Tangerine [ Jun 7th, '12, 08:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: Death and Dying

That IS the appeal of vampires, for sure. As well as reincarnation, ghosts, and every belief system involving the individual "soul". What is scary about death is the end of the ego. Every religious afterlife belief system is about extending the ego. The essential "you-ness". People really, really want that to not die. Heaven allows one to continue to be "you." Re-incarnation, even, allows one to continue to be "you." This is death fear. We are used to being an individual, a person, and death makes material of us all. Just fuel for what comes after we are gone. In ways, it is poetic. Yet to a person still filled with individual ego, death is the scariest possible idea, because the individual ceases to matter.

Author:  AstaTheBroken [ Jun 7th, '12, 22:34 ]
Post subject:  Re: Death and Dying

After bees, dying is my greatest fear.

I told my fiance, when I die, I want a tombstone. Not one of those stupid little plaques that lies flat on the ground, but a tombstone. With my name in huge letters, so that everyone who walks by knows that I once lived.

I actually hope that, in the relatively near future, we develop the technology that makes cyborgs possible. If parts of my ailing body can be replaced by a man-made equivalent, I'd so sign up for that. As long as my brain is intact, I would still be me, I imagine.

Author:  Tangerine [ Jun 7th, '12, 23:26 ]
Post subject:  Re: Death and Dying

Flat grave markers are kind of lame, aren't they? I've heard they are popular in some cemeteries because it makes the lawn easier to mow. :/ Older cemeteries are so much more beautiful, with the variety of stones, and statues. There are even some new things, like stones with a lockable case for mementos, and laser-etched portraits.
Replacing joints and organs is already popular practice for aging people, but the true "cyborg" technology that would make us all live longer is nanobots. The idea is that we could program super tiny bots to roam the blood stream and replace tissue, clean arteries, and do the general body maintenance our bodies give up on after our reproductive age is complete.

Author:  amalath [ Jun 8th, '12, 17:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: Death and Dying

We don't have those flat graves here, only those "old" ones. I don't care if I'll be forgotten though. If I'm about to lose my "ego/soul" and not exist anymore, then it dosn't matter for me if I'll be remembered or not. I don't care how or when I'll die. I just wouldn't want to die in some stupid way, like slipping on soap, or something like this...

I think beauty and meaning of life depend only on person. There are people who see beauty in life itself and people who don't appreciate what they have. People who enjoy their life and people who just are alive, without even noticing it. People who take a good care of their bodies and people who live unhealthy life styles and don't care about consequences. If someone sees beauty around him, then he would even without death. For me beauty is in way things are created and even without death, creation process would still have a place. I think a person that is always curious about the world, way things are created and evolve, would never get bored of living and watching the world change.

Author:  Lag [ Jun 10th, '12, 15:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: Death and Dying

It would make me sad if I was eventually forgotten...but that is unavoidable, I guess...unless I do something awesome.
We have a lot of those flat graves here. Sometimes I walk around in the cemetery looking at their dates and all...makes you wonder, hm.
I don't know how I would like to die. Like amalath, I don't want to die in some stupid thing...or an accident. I definitely do NOT want to die in an accident. Old age would be nice. At least I would expect it.

Personally, death is pretty scary, but I know that it's gonna happen at some point. All I wish is that my death is something that I'm going to be aware of, not in an instant. That way I can prepare and all that. And that I live long. I would like to see what happens to the Earth in a few decades. Yep.

Author:  LadyCatherine [ Jun 22nd, '12, 17:00 ]
Post subject:  Re: Death and Dying

Death is the ending of the life we know.
But I think it's also a beginning of something new.
Everything has to come to an end - nothing is forever.

Author:  BornFromMyth [ Jun 26th, '12, 19:39 ]
Post subject:  Re: Death and Dying

I do believe one should die in the end, it wraps up the life with a nice meaning and endering memories for those behind. I had to face and accept the possibility of my own death at a very young age. I've accepted it and i understand it. I fear not death, dont get me wrong im terrified of it hurting and missing my family but the ending itself no, i've come to terms with that, but that doesn't mean i want to die right now lol.

If i got to choose, i'd have lived to a nice old age and when i go i would be resting blisfully in the arms of my husband, making that trip together. I have no desire to go out in a spectacular fashion skydiving or racing or anything like that. Doing what i love and happy when the time comes, with Alex and thats the only place im ever truely happy. Its only fit that i should wrap up my life in the same fashion ^_^

though in all reality, with how clumsy i am i'll prolly die due to a freak accident lol

Author:  PrismSky [ Jun 28th, '12, 18:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: Death and Dying

I think there is no meaning to living and life in the first place.
Everyone in the human race lives on this big shithole called 'earth.'
Running around and going and going and going about their daily lives like their in a hampster wheel, trying to contribute to 'a better world.'

I feel life is just a big waiting game, and everyone's just in line for death.
I would like to be ashified, and dusted in the japanese wilderness--- if there is any left, of course.

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