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There's no such thing as an ugly girl, just a lazy one.
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Author:  Rocket [ Aug 1st, '13, 09:47 ]
Post subject:  There's no such thing as an ugly girl, just a lazy one.

That must have been my parents catch phrase growing up. I've been reflecting on it a lot, and I still have mixed feelings about it.

Do you agree with the above statement?
Is it our job to look presentable, and attractive?
If we don't feel attractive is it our fault?
Or is it the fault of those who make us feel unattractive?
Do you appreciate the effort (time, money, etc) a girl or guy puts into themself?

Author:  casey [ Aug 1st, '13, 15:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: There's no such thing as an ugly girl, just a lazy one.

That is a terrible way in which to view a girl! I do not agree in the slightest, it's not my job to "look pretty" for... For whom? Strangers? I couldn't give a fuck about strangers. Not feeling attractive has a lot to do with ourselves, with our self-esteem and the way we see each other, but it also has a lot to do with society and the constant cramming of "beauty ideals" down our throats.

I personally take, let's see, about thirty minutes getting dressed and taking care of my face and doing makeup. All of it in thirty minutes. If someone likes taking their time and doing awesome makeup art things that's great, but I equally value a girl that doesn't put any makeup at all. As long as you think you look good, you know? Your face is nobody's business.

Author:  Bunnei [ Aug 1st, '13, 17:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: There's no such thing as an ugly girl, just a lazy one.

I disagree. Yes, time and effort matter, but there are some people that in my opinion are not attractive no matter what. Makeup can help, but still, you can't fix a horrible bone structure, or the way they look.

Author:  AstaTheBroken [ Aug 1st, '13, 20:24 ]
Post subject:  Re: There's no such thing as an ugly girl, just a lazy one.

I've busted my nose a couple times, there's no makeup in the world that can fix crooked :P

My bf's mom is the same way. He likes me as I am; she keeps hounding me to change how I dress, do my makeup (and says I should do it every day-I have a physical job, no way in hell I'm going to put on makeup just to give myself clogged pores sweating through that crap), dye my hair (or not), get glasses that aren't black, etc.

"Men are like male peacocks-they look good no matter what they do. Women don't look good by nature, so we have to work at it."

She actually SAID that. Maybe not word for word, but she made the peacock comparison. I was like WTF.

I think the statement is totally wrong. I mean, yeah, you have to be decent and not showing things that would be covered by a censor bar, but if you're more comfortable buying groceries in jeans and a t-shirt instead of a miniskirt and stilettos, everyone else can suck it.

The media puts WAY too much emphasis on looks. There are people out there with way more talent that won't get nearly as far as, say, Justin Bieber, just cuz they're not gorgeous.

Author:  Zupprika [ Aug 2nd, '13, 17:55 ]
Post subject:  Re: There's no such thing as an ugly girl, just a lazy one.

This is a very interesting topic :D

I think ugly people DO exist. I mean, of course everybody's different and has different definitions on beauty, but there are people that just have ugly faces.

Now, on the laziness issue, I think that's on a while different level. I think neglected people are always ugly. If you don't wash/brush your hair/take care of your body, you'll end up horrible.
Being healthy and feeling good is the best way to look as beautiful as you can. And that has nothing to do with "natural beauty", the face you're born with.
So, it's kind of our jobs to look presentable and attractive. I mean, look at these TV stars that end up on drugs, they looks plain ugly. But when you see them being healthy again, they become way more attractive. You've got to take care of your body and your mental health, they both count.

If we don't feel attractive, it's not necessarily our fault. I mean, I feel ugly, but I can put as much effort as I want, I'll still feel ugly. I'm not saying it's only the fault f other people, I think it's both. If you get laughed at because you have a big nose (for example), then it's not your fault you're feeling ugly. If years later, the bullying is long gone and you still feel ugly about your nose, then YOU have got to do something to change your perception of yourself and evolve into a person that doesn't take everything too seriouly.

I do appreciate people that put effort in lookiong good. By that I mean : having a decent haircut, not skinking, wearing reasonable clothes. I don't particularly enourage people to wear make up or poutting a ton of gel in their hair, but there are some basic things everyone should do (for example : BRUSH YOUR TEETH EVERYDAY ! some people have a horrible breath. That's just plain gross)

Author:  amalath [ Aug 7th, '13, 10:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: There's no such thing as an ugly girl, just a lazy one.

I don't think people should force themselves into stuff like make-up or "presentable" clothes, if they don't feel such need for it (unless work forces them to it, that is). Make-up, it's style or amount are very person dependant and you don't have to wear tons of it to look attractive. I don't care about all the "beauty types" and other shit society thinks in general. Because they change. Because listening to how others want to see you is hardly ever a good idea.

I do agree with Zupprika a lot. People with bad state of hair, not taking care of skin, always running in same set of clothes, no matter how stained and worn out they are, will hardly ever look good. And it's because they're often too lazy to wash their hair and face, or put anything clean on before going out.

If you try to have a bit of self confidence, take a proper basic care of your body, make sure your hairstyle isn't a mess and have a clear mind, you will look good. And cleaning skin, making few basic exercises, combing hair and so on are things that take only few minutes a day. For me it is plain lazy, if you choose to run looking like a mess. Now, I know everyone can has a "bad hair day" from time to time. But skin or hair, body... taking care of those requires regularity. If you have skin problems, taking care of it requires something more then washing it with water once or twice a day. And you know what? There is nothing more sad to see then a girl sitting and complaining about how ugly she is, when all you see is not an ugly girl, but a girl that doesn't take a proper care of herself. You don't need to spend hours in front of mirror, put tons of make-up, or have wardrobe full of fashionable clothes, to look good. There is no such thing as having ugly or pretty face to me. However, people who feel attractive and take a basic, regular care of their body will always look good. In general, I think beauty is a state of mind and bit of regular work in a very big part. And yes, in those aspects "There's no such thing as an ugly girl, just a lazy one." is very true. Girls will always have more work to do because we have different type of skin, different way fat grows in body, our hormones are less stable (yay, periods), all of it makes it harder to take a good care of female body.

Of course, if others see you as attractive or not is other thing. But I think it's rather obvious: you will never be in everyone's type. There is no such thing as one universal type of beauty. If you really want to, you can always find something to pick up on in other person. Having big nose/ears, big/small breast, being too thin/tall/short/whatever are things only kids and immature people pick up on, or people who want to hurt you, kill your self confidence. But it's only up to you to allow them. Having few "elements" looking not as good as we'd want to is no tragedy, and if you let people get you down because of it, it's you who has to change. Because there will be always someone, who will find something he doesn't like about you. He will say it and move on, in few days he might not even remember about it. And you will be stuck with it for next months and years. Yes, what people say hurts. But letting it take over hurts even more and you do it to yourself, not others.

Author:  Moi [ Aug 10th, '13, 03:02 ]
Post subject:  Re: There's no such thing as an ugly girl, just a lazy one.

That's a really stupid statement.

You can't change the way you look unless you go in for a ton of plastic surgery.

I think I am ugly. Am I lazy?
If you consider not wanting to wear make up because it makes my skin look worse or that I don't dress up because I like casual clothes lazy, then yes I'm lazy.
And I deserve to be ugly.

I don't take good care of my body because I think I'm ugly.
So what's the point in taking care of myself?
I'm not lazy it's just my logic.

There's differences of opinions.
I consider myself ugly but other people tell me I'm pretty.
I LOVE beautiful things. And I am not a beautiful thing.

But you know beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

And really what does it matter what other people think?
Who made them God of beauty?
No one.
They just have their own opinions.

Author:  Ollieshark [ Aug 11th, '13, 19:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: There's no such thing as an ugly girl, just a lazy one.

If that's true, then I'm a lazy-ass girl.

I refuse to wear make-up and put forth an... effort... to look pretty. I think that a girl shouldn't have to coat her face in colored dirt, essentially, to impress somebody. I shouldn't have to hide my face to get a boyfriend.

Author:  keyestawren [ Sep 23rd, '13, 08:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: There's no such thing as an ugly girl, just a lazy one.

I think it's interesting that people automatically compare beauty to make up and clothing labels basically. And hair products. I am a manager for Walmart. Every day I wear very nice clothing, I keep my hair groomed, cut, cleaned, dyed and neatly styled. I usually wear a little flower, or headband or other nice bobble in my hair. I put make up on and have actually spent considerable money to find products that are right for my skin color and conditon and I wear it every day. I wear professional clothes that are clean and new and nice shoes as well. I take care of my self and my body and I walk a minimum of 12 miles a day and usually at a very fast pace, and despite all of that I consider myself unattractive. I work my butt off, I have Tons of friends and customers love me. I am married and I have 5 beautiful children but still consider myself unattractive. I don't think anyone person is responsible for this, I would not point my finger at someone and say "you butthead, you made me feel ugly" but I do often feel that way none the less. Am I lazy??? Hell no. I probably do more then your parents do most days. I feel that this is an ignorant statement. I appreciate those who also make themselves presentable and have unfortunately had to sit in on discussions with associates who don't do any of these things. BUT and it's a big BUT, There is so much MORE to people then Make up, or hair products or labels, or shoes!!!! Beauty, is who You are. It is your essence, it is your laugh, your smile, a kindness given to someone. Your confidence, your knowledge, your strength how you treat other people... Not your make up. Not your hair. And if you are a mean nasty person on the inside, you are an ugly person on the outside. It will be reflected in who you are. And try as you might others will see it. No matter how nice you wrap the package, if inside is a dead fish, people will know. LOL! And you could be the hardest worker, put tons of effort into your appearance but the truth will out you. Just a few things to think about.

Author:  HannahRenee [ Sep 24th, '13, 22:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: There's no such thing as an ugly girl, just a lazy one.

In my opinion, girls should dress and look the way they feel most comfortable. Appearance shouldn't be based on how others want you to look. But society sucks, so.

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