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 Post subject: ~* 1x1 or Group Search *~ [not currently searching]
Post Posted: Mar 4th, '14, 07:22    

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I am Veetles, but you can call me Veetles, Vee, Zege, or Vittoria. I am 22 and a college graduate searching for a job. :v Though I do not yet have one, I am fairly busy, but will still have time to roleplay.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: I am very incredibly slow at roleplaying. Whether I am just busy or having emotional problems or whatever, i am often slow at replying. I also like to think a lot about a roleplay, so it takes me long to make characters and write posts. If you are not interested in a slow moving roleplay, then I am sorry to say you should probably stop reading now. :o If that isnt something you mind or even something you prefer, please consider roleplaying with me <3

I have been roleplaying probably since I was 15, but it has never been consistent. I wouldnt consider myself a super serious roleplayer and I am not a fan of rating literacy, so as long as I understand what you have typed, we will be fine. However, I do tend to type a lot!

I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A SOLELY ROMANTIC RP. Read on to get the gist of what I am interested in, but I wanted that disclaimer to be in the first post.

Note: Even if I have already talked with people and started roleplays, I will continue to search until the title of this thread says [not currently searching]. When that is in the title, that means that I am still down for discussing roleplays in the future but I am probably busy with multiple roleplays at the moment.

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 Post subject: Re: 1x1 Search, Non-Romantic Based [under construction]
Post Posted: Mar 4th, '14, 07:36    

What I am looking for:

--Someone open-minded.

--Someone who can type a good amount, probably at least a paragraph, but less than that here and there is okay.

--Someone that won't mind if I am too busy for possibly days or weeks to post.

--A non-romantic based roleplay. This doesn't mean that romance ABSOLUTELY CANNOT HAPPEN. Because it totally can, just like in real life. What I mean is that romance is not the focus, it doesn't necessarily need to happen, and that it might not. I want to do something more plot based.

--Possibly someone who is willing to roleplay more than one character with me. This is not a necessity, but I actually prefer more than two characters in a roleplay. It is just difficult to do group roleplays where you have to rely on multiple players, so having just two players but multiple characters is a good idea sometimes.

--Possibly a small group of people to do a roleplay with. I like small groups, but it is always difficult because everyone has to participate.

--An interesting plot that can be expanded upon.

--Probably something more fantasy/adventure based, because I find that more fun.


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 Post subject: Re: 1x1 Search, Non-Romantic Based [under construction]
Post Posted: Mar 4th, '14, 08:15    

What I am interested in

[x] Pretty cool
[xx] Awesome!
Italics means I especially want this role


[x] Girl/Boy
[xx] Boy/Boy
[xx] Girl/Girl
[xxx] Non-binary/anyone
[xxx] Boy (transgender)/anyone
[xx] Girl (transgender)/anyone
Anything else is chill too. If we are playing more than two characters, any combination is cool.


[x] Humans
[xx] Demons
[xxx] Mermaid or Fish-like creatures
[xx] Human/Animal hybrid types
[x] Angels
[xxx] Hobbits
[xx] Elves
[xx] Dragons
[xxx] Ghosts/Spirits
[xx] Other non-humans
I am generally down with any non-human characters, especially ones I have never heard of, and any pairing of them.


[xxx] Magic
[xxx] A world other than Earth
[xx] Plot twists
[xxx] Adventure
[x] Love
[xx] Special skills/powers
[x] School (but especially [xx] special schools for magic, skills, etc)
[xxx] Multiple characters
[xx] Siblings/relatives
These are just things I thought about off the top of my head, so I am sure there are more, and I may add some later~

Little Plot Ideas

[xx] Exploration of ruins or a new part of the world
[xx] Dragon Riders who have to restore the balance to the corrupted world
[x] A search for the lost elementals
[xx] The world is physically changing, and quickly. All sorts of natural disasters and dangerous places are popping up, and everyone needs to find a new home.
[xx] An underwater city has existed in peace for many years, until it is invaded by a species from above.
[x] Some sort of plot based around rebellion, could involve spying?

Honestly, I am not so great at starting up ideas for roleplays. I know that sounds really bad, but I swear I can move the plot along once we actually start, if I have help fanning out the idea at the beginning. I will listen to any idea you have though, I love that! You definitely don't have to pick any of my ideas because I am pretty open to anything. Those were just things floating around in my head.

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 Post subject: Re: 1x1 Search, Non-Romantic Based [under construction]
Post Posted: Mar 4th, '14, 08:19    

All of the things I listed were really just things I like. Again, I will listen to any idea you have. Just post here with your name and if you are interested in the same things I am (and what they are) and any ideas, questions, or concerns you have. (: I'm down with doing pretty much anything that sounds interesting. Thanks so much for reading!

Note: I would prefer to discuss things right in this thread, but if you specifically want to talk in private, let me know so that I can respond to your post with a private message, or if you want to message me right off the bat you can do that too.

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 Post subject: Re: 1x1 Search, Non-Romantic Based
Post Posted: Mar 4th, '14, 19:05    

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Hmm, how about mermaids/mermen who are sick of their lives in the community and dare to explore the other parts of the ocean?

Includes risks of being seen by humans, caught in fishing nets and breathing in contaminated waters! We could be friends or siblings and have troubles along the way to freedom - meeting new creatures we have never heard of and getting into a lot of trouble!


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 Post subject: Re: 1x1 Search, Non-Romantic Based
Post Posted: Mar 4th, '14, 21:49    

Oooh that sounds like a really fun idea!! It has a lot of potential, but also a lot of freedom to sort of figure out things along the way. If you are down for this, you can go ahead and make a character and I will too. However you like to make your character profiles is fine with me, I prefer to have no limitations so I don't have a set formula for that.

We should definitely decide on the relationship we have though. I think that being friends is a good idea, but how close should we be from the start?

What should we title it? I am awful at thinking of titles, but I would love to have a title, haa.

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 Post subject: Re: 1x1 Search, Non-Romantic Based
Post Posted: Mar 4th, '14, 23:15    

Okay - I don't mind making the thread if you want. I think as friends go perhaps we should be best friends. Maybe add a little twist like our parents hate each other or one is rich and the other poor or something?
It's up to you.

I'll set the scene and make the thread - I'll PM you the link when I'm done!


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 Post subject: Re: 1x1 Search, Non-Romantic Based
Post Posted: Mar 5th, '14, 01:38    

Oh thank you so much! And yes a twist sounds good~ I will incorporate that into my character and I will be posting soon. (:

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 Post subject: Re: 1x1 or Group Search,Non-Romantic Based [currently search
Post Posted: Jan 8th, '15, 05:17    

I am looking again. I will try to be more active this time around~

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 Post subject: Re: ~* 1x1 or Group Search *~ [currently searching]
Post Posted: Mar 29th, '15, 10:51    

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How about an RP which is a twist on Alice in Wonderland? I've developed a premise and am currently looking to play it:
Wonderland had always been weird and wonderful, for its inhabitants a place perfect for crazy capering, and magic always abounded. The magic was what kept everybody's wonder at the world intact, because not even the most well-versed sorceresses and warlocks could understand or control the mysterious power underlying everything. Even if the people faced unhappiness they never felt like the world was dreary, that life was pointless.
But now, frightening legends were spreading like wildfire, too fast to be completely curbed by the efforts of the Queen of Hearts. Everywhere, it was being said that the Age of Order is approaching. When nothing would happen that couldn't be explained by fundamental laws. Everything would follow rules. Everything would be 'ordinary'. Life as the inhabitants of Wonderland knew it, would be transformed- and not in a good way.
Some people said that the Queen of Hearts, who was currently ruling, would establish the Age of Order by the end of her rule. These people were swiftly executed by lopping off their heads. In these days when the citizens should have been treasuring the last days of the Age of Wonder, they were instead despairing. Their only hope was that the legends that sprung up in answer to those about the approaching Age of Order were true: Someone called Alice would traverse a dark portal to reach them. She would lead them in a revolution to overthrow the Queen of Hearts before she could muster enough power to curse the land with Order. The Age of Wonder would be saved.

I know it's suited for a group RP but if it's Alice X the Queen of Hearts it could work well as a 1x1. I've profiles for each of them too so you have the option of adopting one of them to play, if you don't feel like making an OC:
Character Name: Alice Liddell
Personality: Dreamy, philosophical, restless, aloof, artistic. Thirsty for adventure. Costantly wanting to escape reality. Likes attempting to thin-slice people, and analyse them as she gets to know them.
Appearance: Image
Bio: She was brought up with few stories available, apart from fairy tales. However she and her sisters often went to a man called Mr Dodgson, a mathematician who was once involved in the clergy, and he told them crazy, delightful tales. He wrote her stories for Christmas in which she was the heroine, exploring a quaint place called Wonderland. It made her long to live her life as spontaneously and wonderfully as in the stories, and wish she could live her life off the beaten track and have adventures.
Likes & Dislikes: Likes nature and open spaces, fantasy, contemplating ideas on philosophy and psychology, literature, art, stories and literature. Dislikes dull daily grind, closed or congested spaces, narrow-minded people, the feeling of being alive but not living.
Extras: She has a pet rabbit. She likes him in an indulgent way but takes him for granted. She doesn't know he's no ordinary rabbit, but is soon to find out ;)
Character Name: Zefanya
Designation: The Queen of Hearts
Personality: Passionate, ambitious, impatient, cautious and doesn't readily trust people. Has very strong opinions and ideals that she will defend at any cost. Afraid of romantic love. Values efficiency and productivity.
Appearance: Image
Bio: She was born the daughter of her father's fourth wife. She grew up watching her mothers in constant conflict due to jealousy, always vying for the King's favours. They shared his bed and wealth but could never grab his heart and win his love so completely that he stopped acquiring new wives for them. Zefanya resolved that she would marry a crown prince, and make sure he wouldn't even want another wife- and in this she succeeded. Her marriage with the King of Hearts was perfect for her- he disliked the affairs of state and worshiped her. Effectively, she was the one ruling the kingdom.
Likes & Dislikes: Likes efficiency, things getting done quick and properly, eating healthy food in large quantities, people who fight their way up. Dislikes meat, extreme heat and humidity, bad hygiene, clumsiness, gambling, repression, discrimination, dismissal of someone without giving them a chance.
Extras: She doesn't like cooking, except for baking tarts. She likes making the crust heart-shaped and filling rose-essenced jam in the middle. She has a constant craving for them. (She's also in love with the Knave of Hearts, but suppresses it very well, because she thinks venturing into love is like a moth flitting into a flame. Plus she's quite fond of her husband.)

If you're not so much into this idea, I have several others! Just let me know!

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