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A New Kind of Death
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Author:  XnovaX [ Jul 1st, '15, 00:56 ]
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Ruby was pouting a little, but you hardly tell unless you really/ knew her. Which the students around her did. They knew her very well, especially Chaos- who was surprised to hear the news that his meister informed them. He rose and eyebrow. Something just didn't add up. Ruby sighed and shook her head. "Lets just get to school so we're not late." She said quietly. Chaos gently placed a hand on his partners shoulder. "Screw Stein, alright? You've been studying your ass off Ruby, if he fails you- we'll demand to know why he's being such a geezer." He said with one of his smirks.

Ruby blinks a few times and looks at him with a hint of awe in her crimson eyes. She smiled a little, feeling a bit better, and nods. Chaos looks at the twins. "So, let's go to school and kick the crap out of that test." He said, still smirking.

Author:  CycloneKira [ Jul 1st, '15, 13:15 ]
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Kira was finally able to calm down. It was probably the fact that Ruby had an even bigger problem than she did. Or rather, Ruby was the only one with a problem. Kira was just nervous about a test, and that was totally normal. She heard Chaos and nodded her head, with an encouraging smile on her face. "Yeah!" she said. "We're all here and we will not let Stein fail you."

Kayo smiled at how enthusiastic his sister was getting. Then he turned to Ruby. "Keep a calm mind, Ruby," he said. "It helps when you're writing a tough test." His expression turned thoughtful. "Just wondering, though, why is old Stein trying to fail you?" he asked, with a slight frown.

Author:  XnovaX [ Jul 4th, '15, 00:17 ]
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Ruby couldn't help but smile at how her friends were supporting her. "Thanks guys." She said cheerfully. Chaos smirked and hung an arm loosely over her shoulders. Ruby blinked and looked at Kayo, nodding lightly. "Y-yeah..." She said quietly. She looked down and shook her head. "Like I said..I dunno why he's trying to fail me." Ruby answered softly. It could be one of his mind games, or it could a number of other things running through the professors twisted mind.

Author:  CycloneKira [ Jul 4th, '15, 17:37 ]
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Kira listened to Ruby and wondered what to do. Then an idea came to her and she jumped with excitement. "Ruby! We still have fifteen minutes," she said. "Let's go and ask Stein for some last-minute pointers on how to do well on this test." She grabbed Ruby's hand and dragged her towards Stein's office.

Kayo was left dumbfounded by his sister's sudden idea. "OI!" he yelled after her, but it was of no use. He sighed, shook his head and turned to Chaos. "Race you to the girls?" he said and took off after them, hoping Chaos would follow.

Author:  XnovaX [ Jul 9th, '15, 22:17 ]
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((sorry for the wait cyclone~ x.x))

Ruby gasped in surprise when she was suddenly grabbed by her friend and found herself being dragged to the professors office. Once she collected herself, she held onto Kira's hand and walked along side her, her steps in-sync with Kira's. She was happy to have friends like the twins.

Chaos blinked a few times as he tried to wrap his thoughts around what just happened, then he was being asked a question about racing to the girls. He smirked his devilish smirk and nodded to Kayo right before the male of the twins took off. Choas ran off after him, not taking very long to catch up with him.

Author:  CycloneKira [ Jul 10th, '15, 13:43 ]
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((Don't worry about it :D))

Kira ran along to Stein's office with Ruby, who seemed to have regained some of her composure. The two of them went into the school building and up to Stein's office. But Kira seemed to forget where she was. She literally burst in through Stein's door, and then realized what she'd done. "U-um, hi p-professor," she stammered. "W-we just came to- to...." She couldn't complete the sentence.

Kayo grinned as he saw that Chaos had caught up to him and kept running behind the girls. He ran into the school and up the stairs and then stopped a few metres away from Stein's office. "Best to stop here and wait for them, yeah?" he turned to Chaos and asked.

Author:  XnovaX [ Jul 12th, '15, 07:08 ]
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Stein could feel the girls entering the building and walking towards his office. When Kira burst through his doors, he raised an eyebrow and swung around on his chair so he facing Kira. "Hello Kira, I'm assuming Ruby is right behind you?" He asked with a wicked grin.

Ruby followed Kira, a bit surprised that she just busted down Stein's door. Blinking a few times, she walked into the office cautiously and stood in front of her friend- in case Stein was in one of his "moods". Stein did not scare her. "Got that right." She said in response to the professors question. Ruby crossed her arms over her chest firmly. "Why the hell are you trying to fail me, old man?" She asked. Stein grinned wickedly and adjusted the thing on his head (forgot what it's called).


Chaos didn't stop running until they were a few inches from the office. He casually leaned against a nearby wall and stuffed his hands into his pockets. "Yeah, Ruby's herself again- she can handle Stein's attitude and mental problem." He answered calmly, with one of his smirks.

Author:  CycloneKira [ Jul 13th, '15, 17:02 ]
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Kira was glad that Ruby stepped in and spoke to Stein instead. She smiled subtly as the tough Ruby she knew was back. She returned to being her usual self, staring at the floor while Ruby spoke to Stein. Although she freaked out a bit when he turned the screw attached to his head. That always freaked her out.

Kayo grinned at his friend. He had no doubt at all that Ruby would have come back to her usual self and be yelling at Stein right now. He could almost hear her from outside.

Author:  XnovaX [ Jul 13th, '15, 23:59 ]
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Stein could only grin wickedly at the bold young student, Ruby stood her ground. "You're not working to your full potential." He answered. Ruby blinked and lowered her arms. "Excuse me?" She asked. Stein began to chuckle. "You poor thing, you're living a lie and you don't even know it." He said to her. Ruby's eye widen slightly. "What're you talking about?" She asked, her voice starting to crack. Stein let out a single noted dry laugh. "Lord Death is friends with your father, and made a deal with him. The only reason why you've been doing so well in your other classes is because of your father, Ruby. I know you can do better, work harder."

Ruby stood still, completely awe struck. She couldn't believe what she had heard from the cooky professor. "What will you do, child?" Stein asked, tilting his head to the side. Ruby glared at him and balled her hand into a fist. "You're lying! I'll prove to you that I made it here on my own..." She answered bitterly. Stein smirked. "How?" He asked. "One more failing grade and you're out." He said. He was toying with Ruby, and she hated it.


Chaos could hear the conversation, and he didn't like where it was going. "Oh no... He's toying with her, this isn't going to end well." He said under his breath. Chaos stood and adjusted his headband. "We should probably do something before she does something rash." He said to his friend.

Author:  CycloneKira [ Jul 15th, '15, 02:29 ]
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As Kira listened to Stein, she couldn't help it when the shock on her face became more and more apparent. She looked up at the old man, then at Ruby and back at Stein. She saw the madness in Stein's eyes and knew what was going on. "Ruby, let's go," she said, quietly, hoping to get Ruby out of that place.

Kayo heard what Chaos had to say and nodded. The old professor had finally gone to far. Kayo had always respected adults, but sometimes (or most of the time) Stein made it difficult for him to stick to his principles. Though there was no doubt as to the man's skill. "Let's get her out of there," he said grimly. "It's almost time anyway."

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