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A New Kind of Death
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Author:  XnovaX [ Jul 29th, '15, 03:55 ]
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Ruby smiled at Kira, happy to see her acting like herself again. "That's great to hear, Kira." She said. Choas nodded in agreement to their friend and he looked over at Kayo when he spoke up. Ruby blinked a few times and rubbed the back of her head. "I'm not sure..." She murmured quietly.

Chaos was about to suggest going to shoot some hoops, but Death's voice rang through the schools PA system, informing that he wanted to see Ruby, Chaos, and the twins immediately. Ruby glanced at her partner, who shrugged in return. She sighed. "Well guys, maybe we'll get lucky and get a mission." She said, before heading down the hall towards Death's room. Chaos didn't really like the sound of that, he could tell Ruby was still pretty hot from talking with Stein.

Author:  CycloneKira [ Jul 29th, '15, 06:41 ]
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Kayo was thinking about what they could do next, when the announcement was heard. His reaction was rather different from Ruby's, however. His mind kept going back to how he had punched Stein earlier. "Yeah, if we're lucky," he muttered and followed after Ruby and Chaos. If they were indeed in trouble because of that, Kayo had every intention of telling Death that he had been the one to hit Stein, and that the others should be let off.

Kira heard what her brother had muttered and turned to look at him. He simply shook his head and walked on. Kira glared at him and raised her eyebrows. Kayo made an expression that could have been translated as "What?" The twins' "expression conversation", as some people liked to call it, continued until they reached Death's office.

Author:  XnovaX [ Jul 30th, '15, 22:33 ]
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Ruby walked in silence as Chaos followed with an open mind. They could've been called for any reason really..

When the arrived at Death's room, Ruby and Chaos were a little surprised to see Stein standing beside him. Oh no..what was he doing here? Ruby and Chaos stood at attention while Lord Death greeted everyone all cheerful like- like he always did. No matter the occasion.

"I have a special mission for the four of you- this however will be more of a team mission, do you understand?" He said to them, getting serious. Chaos only smirked. "Then it's a good thing it's the four of us, right guys?" He spoke up, glancing at the twins. "There is a witch hiding in the city, possibly here to aid the resurrection of Asura- the mission of you four is to find her location. Fighting her will be completely your choice. He continued to speak.

Ruby blinked a few times. "You want us to track down a witch?" She asked. Chaos put a hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry, we can handle it." He said casually.

(i hope you don't mind improvise x.x)

Author:  CycloneKira [ Jul 31st, '15, 03:45 ]
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((Sure :D I can do that))

Kayo wasn't entirely sure about what to expect when the four of them walked into Death's office. Naturally, the strange mission they were given surprised him. He smiled for a moment at Chaos before turning his attention back to Death and Stein. "We can do it," he said, nodding his head. They only had to track down the witch and not fight her, after all.

Kira simply kept her head down and listened to what was being said. The truth was, the idea of even tracking down a witch terrified her. She and Kayo had had some horrible experiences with some witches, when they were kids. Nevertheless, she nodded with her brother. She wanted to ask about how powerful the witch could be, but she didn't want to sound like she was scared or anything, so she kept quiet.

Author:  XnovaX [ Aug 1st, '15, 02:33 ]
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(Cool. Btw, the witch is a character I made a while back- you can have maybe the twins knowing her from somewhere to make this fair? O.o)

Death looked at Ruby. "This witch can manipulate soul wavelengths, and use your own against you. Since Chaos here is a creation based on the copy of another's... If you do fight this witch, do not use your weapon if you care about his protection." He said to hern assuming her friends already knew about her creating Chaos and everything. Ruby blinked, then lowered her head, nodding lightly. She'd explain it to her friends later if she hadn't already. She knew how fragile his soul was, and didn't want him damaging the only soul he had.

Chaos stuffed his hands in pockets and glanced at Stein. "Will you be joining us?" He asked. Stein smirked. "No. I will be here, watching you with Lord Death." He answered casually. Ruby turned and started walking out of the room.Chaos glanced at the twins and nodded lightly, then followed his meister so they could get on with their mission.

Author:  CycloneKira [ Aug 2nd, '15, 04:55 ]
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((Can do XD They have a history with witches after all))

Death's next sentence surprised both twins, who exchanged glances. They were both thinking and worrying about the same thing. Being orphans and living on the streets until the age of ten had exposed them to a lot. Sometimes, the twins seemed like they had never truly recovered from those experiences, especially Kira.

They were even more surprised by what came next. Chaos was a creation? What the heck did that mean? How could Chaos be created? This was a person they were talking about, not an object! Ruby and Chaos had some serious explaining to do.

The twins followed their friends out of Death's office, feeling nervous and confused at the same time. Kira seemed scared out of her mind. "So... what was that about?" Kayo asked, putting an arm around his sister's shoulder. He was trying to seem casual about the whole situation.

Author:  XnovaX [ Aug 2nd, '15, 06:24 ]
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((cool :D))

Chaos caught up with his meister and glanced back at Kayo when the question was asked. He looked at Ruby when she stopped walking and turned to face the twins. "Look guys, I'm still the same guy. Nothing's changed that." He said, before Ruby had a chance to say anything.

"You guys..might not like me when I've finished explaining..." Ruby said quietly as she looked down at her feet. She had hoped that she could've waited a bit longer before telling them. "My last weapon and I didn't match at all- she actually attacked me quite a few times..and almost killed me. The last time she attacked me, in defending myself I killed her... Fearing it would happen again, I went to my father's lab and copied the adaptable soul of a demon weapon- like Soul, and created my own weapon that could adapt in every possible way. So it wouldn't matter if my lunacy got the better of my wave length or not- we would always match." She explained slowly and quietly, glancing up at her partner.

"I created Chaos with a copied soul..and I've been trying for months to get him his own soul." She finished explaining and sighed softly. Ruby looked at the twins with small tears in her eyes- which wasn't like her. The time she's been with Chaos, she knows how much he's been suffering because he wasn't "whole" and it ate her up inside every night. That's why she didn't hardly sleep. "Even if you're mad at me for not telling you guys..don't blame Chaos. It was my choice not to say anything sooner." She said, looking down again.

Author:  CycloneKira [ Aug 2nd, '15, 07:07 ]
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Kayo shook his head. "That's not what I was getting at, Chaos," he said. "I just wanted to know." Then he turned and listened to Ruby as she told them about it. He was pretty surprised by the time she was done, for he had no idea such a thing could be done. He looked down and bit his lip before looking up again. "As much as I may think that you should have told us this sooner..." he said and rested one hand on Ruby's shoulder. " should know that I don't care about this. At all. You and Chaos are still our best friends. That hasn't changed." He smiled at them both.

Kira saw the tears in Ruby's eyes and rushed forward to give her a hug. "We're not blaming anybody, Ruby," she said, quietly. "We're your friends and we understand." She released Ruby and smiled. "Now that you've told us, it's all of our responsibility, okay? We'll all look for a soul for Chaos. Right, Kayo?" She smiled even widely when her brother gave her an encouraging nod.

Author:  XnovaX [ Aug 2nd, '15, 18:14 ]
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Chaos smirked when Kayo spoke and stuffed his hands in his pockets. He knew it wouldn't change anything- he only said that because he knew what Ruby was thinking. So, in a way, he was reassuring his meister that they would all still be friends in the end and clarifying through Kayo, what he already knew. He was sneaking like that.

Ruby blinked a few times and looked between the two of them. She couldn't help but mentally kicking herself for doubting her friends. She nodded to Kayo when a hand was placed on her shoulder and smiled a little. When Kira hugged her, her cheeks turned a little pink and she rested her head on the girl's shoulder comfortably. Ruby stepped back when she was released and looked between them again, smiling. "Thanks guys... Though, finding a soul won't be easy- I don't doubt us finding one." She said, hoping it made sense.

Chaos put a hand on Ruby's shoulder. "Now, about tracking that witch." He said casually, smirking like his usual self.

Author:  CycloneKira [ Aug 2nd, '15, 21:30 ]
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Kira noticed the way Chaos stuffed his hands into his pockets, with a smirk on his face. She too smiled, for she then knew that he hadn't doubted Kayo at all; he had simply said that to reassure Ruby. She nodded at what Chaos said, before the full impact of what he'd said hit her. Their mission: the witch. Kira swallowed hard.

Kayo noticed how his sister had changed suddenly after hearing Chaos. He immediately felt a little guilty; Ruby and Chaos weren't the only ones hiding things. Still, now was not the right time to bring it up. They had a mission as of now. Kayo resolved to tell his friends everything once it was over. For now, it was important to concentrate.

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