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A New Kind of Death
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Author:  XnovaX [ Aug 5th, '15, 07:43 ]
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Chaos glanced between the two when their attitude seemed to change when he mentioned the witch. But he wasn't going to question them. He walked over to the twins and put a hand on their shoulders. "We can do this, even if I don't understand what you're going through." He said quietly enough for Ruby not to hear him, trying to reassure them.

He soon turned and joined his partner and the two began walking down the long hallway that lead to the exit. He knew the twins would be following. After all, Lord Death was counting on these children. All four of them.

Author:  CycloneKira [ Aug 5th, '15, 11:30 ]
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Kira was trying hard not to explode with all the sudden emotions that were going through her head at the same time. Chaos' hand on her shoulder at least gave her some comfort, but it gave her some guilt, too. She knew Kayo was feeling the exact same thing. She nodded and smiled at Chaos, thankful that he wasn't pushing them.

Kayo nodded. "Yeah, thanks man," he said and followed behind his friends, taking Kira by the hand and pulling her along, gently. He thought about what Death had said to them.This witch can manipulate soul wavelengths, and use your own against you. He found himself praying with all his heart, that this witch was not the one he and Kira had met, years ago.

Author:  XnovaX [ Aug 6th, '15, 00:26 ]
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When the team made it out of the school and headed to the said location of the witch, deep within a dark forest with eerie looking trees. Ruby shivered lightly. "God..this is worse than Blair's house..." She murmured as quietly as she could. Though, Blair wasn't exactly a witch- just a cat with magical abilities. Thanks God for that!

Chaos stayed close to his partner, glancing back at the twins to see how they were holding up in a place like this. He turned his head to the cottage when he began to hear faint singing, and tilted his head. Ruby however, was fighting with herself to not go after the witch. She closed her eyes and tried to calm herself. She focused on the wavelength of the witch, just to see how big it would be. If she wasn't as powerful as Death made it seem, she could just take her on now.

A hand on her shoulder cause her to blink and glance behind. Chaos was giving her a very stern look, as if he knew what she was thinking. Ruby averted her eyes back to the cottage with a sigh. 'Damn..' She thought to herself.

Author:  CycloneKira [ Aug 8th, '15, 09:48 ]
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Kira followed her friends in complete silence, trying her best to stay calm. She felt Kayo's arm on her shoulder and looked at him. The look on his face told her that he was thinking the same thing: they'd both been here before. She swallowed hard and tried to put up a brave front for their friend's sakes.

Kayo knew for sure where they were going. He held Kira close, suddenly feeling a whole lot more protective of her. He knew exactly what this witch could do, and he thought it was only fair that Ruby and Chaos did too. "Guys, stop," he said, placing a hand on each of their shoulders. He looked at Kira before he spoke. "There's something we need to tell you. Something you really need to know."

Author:  XnovaX [ Aug 11th, '15, 02:42 ]
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Ruby and Chaos both blinked and glanced at Kayo when he spoke up. Chaos turned and looked at him with his hands in his pockets. "What's up, man?" He asked quietly, since nobody was here to tip off the witch. Ruby was still listening for the witch in case she tried to get the jump on them, but she was ready to hear what the male twin had to say.

Chaos had already picked up that the twins were hiding something, he was hopeful that he was going to tell them what is was they were hiding but he wasn't going to push or question, he knew whatever it was that Kayo had to say would be important. He and Ruby both knew that.

Author:  CycloneKira [ Aug 11th, '15, 04:06 ]
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Kayo took a deep breath before speaking. "Kira and I know this witch," he said. "Or at least, we knew her, years ago. Her name is Delia. When we were still living on the streets, Delia used to help us, sometimes, by giving us food or water. This was before we found out who she really was." He paused and continued.

"Anyway, my point is, let's not fight Delia," he said. "Kira and I have seen what she can do, and we are not strong enough to do it, even with the four of us put together." He shuddered inwardly as he remembered the witch.

Kira listened to her brother in silence, her expression blank. "She almost made us kill each other," she said, her voice expressionless. Then she rolled up Kayo's sleeve and pointed to a long scar on his arm. She swallowed a lump in her throat. "I did that."

Author:  XnovaX [ Aug 11th, '15, 04:51 ]
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The two of them listened to their friend speak about knowing the witch that they were sent to "spy on". Why would Lord Death send them to watch a witch as strong as this one? If they were to be caught, they'd be done for. The whole thing just infuriated the scythe meister to her very core. Something like that... She didn't understand it but nobody should have to go through that kind of crap. Chaos glanced at Kira and watched her pull up her brothers sleeve and listened to her words- he was awestruck. He and Ruby had dealt with a lot of crap, but something like this was just unheard of.

Medusa couldn't even pull that off! Chaos glanced up at the sky. "Well..I guess it's a good thing we weren't sent here to fight her then." He said casually, then looked at them with a light smirk. "Right?" He asked. Ruby glanced back at the witch's hut. "Then we better get out of here- she knows we're here." The scythe meister spoke quietly in a calm-as-possible voice.


Laughter filled the air as Delia flew over to them on her broom. "Oh how nice to see you children again." She said as she looked at the twins, a twisted smile painted across her thin lips. Chaos and Ruby looked up at her. "Run." Ruby said to the three of them, Chaos and the twins.

((the witch:

Author:  CycloneKira [ Aug 11th, '15, 19:48 ]
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Kira didn't need to be told to run. As soon as she heard the familiar peals of laughter and saw Delia on her broom, she grabbed Ruby's hand and took off across the forest floor. She noticed that Kayo had done the same for Chaos; her brother seemed to be going as fast as his legs could carry him, possibly to keep Chaos as far away from Delia as possible. She too increased her speed so she could keep up with her brother, making sure to keep a firm grip on Ruby's hand.

Kayo ran tirelessly, sure-footed as a mountain goat. He was amazed that after years of living a relatively safe life, he was still able to run like this. It seemed like a century since he and Kira had been running from this witch, and yet... he supposed old habits die hard. At the moment, his main objective was to get Chaos away from Delia. Given his condition, Delia could do serious damage to Chaos, and Kayo wanted to avoid that at all costs.

Author:  XnovaX [ Aug 12th, '15, 02:15 ]
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Ruby was taken by surprise at first when Kira took a hold of her hand and bolted, dragging the dumbfounded scythe meister until she caught her feet and ran beside the her friend. Running away like this wasn't something Ruby was used to... Chaos just went with it and ran beside Kayo as the boy pulled him along when he himself bolted. Given the witch's abilities..she probably already knew the demon weapon had a false soul.

Deli tilted her head for a moment before following them on her broom. "Aw, leaving so soon? I was hoping to catch up!" She spoke, crackling at the end of her sentence. She had already seen through their wavelengths and saw the kind of soul that Chaos had- it interested her. "A man-made weapon as stable as you? How did you meister manage that?" She asked the boy. Delia glanced at her floating spell book that followed her around. "Let's see..I think this will do!" She said as her book began to glow.

Ruby saw this and knew what the witch was doing. She knew she would target her weapon. It was only clarified when her partner stopped in his tracks and suddenly fell to one knee. "Chaos!" Ruby called, seeing the pain he was in. Ruby reclaimed her hand from the fleeing Kira and immediately called upon her own power and shot a few of her chains at the witch. "I won't let you hurt him!" She yelled.

Of course the witch blocked, her spell was canceled and Chaos held his chest. "Get him out of here- I'll hold her off!" Ruby called to the twins, praying like hell they would listen and take her partner to safety.

Author:  CycloneKira [ Aug 14th, '15, 16:54 ]
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Both twins couldn't help frowning at Delia's bad joke. When Chaos fell, Kayo's pulse rate began racing. Kira, on the other hand, had Ruby to worry about. Unfortunately for all of them, Ruby's chains were not enough to hold off the witch, even for a short period of time.

Kira's face underwent a change at Ruby's statement. "KAYO!" she yelled at her brother, who nodded and turned into a shotgun in Kira's hand. Kira aimed at the witch and fired. The round was not meant to hit the witch; it was simply meant to cause some damage to the broom, which it did. The broom broke and fell, taking Delia with it.

"You can't possibly hope to fight this woman, Ruby!" she said. "Or even hold her off using your chains. She's ridiculously strong, all we can do is slow her down and run for it!"

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