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 Post subject: Re: Time Travel (Trouble?) - Ambarsariya and CycloneKira
Post Posted: Dec 25th, '15, 10:49    

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Radhika dreamed that she was running from her uncle who was chasing her, while random bits of metal inexplicably floating in the air were whacking her over the head as she ran. But the dream ended as her eyes slowly fluttered open. All she could see was white. She blinked a couple of times until her vision was clear.

She was in a white room. She could feel a soft bed and a pillow. Her eyes scanned her surroundings. There was an IV. White walls. That had to mean that she was in a hospital of some kind. How did she get here?

There was a stranger sitting next to her bed. Her eyes widened in shock as she saw the long white hair. Everything came back to her at once. The time machine. The impalement. The unclear vision of someone with long white hair, who was obviously this man in front of her. "Who.... are.... you?" she managed. Even speaking was taking an effort. She could feel a slight burning sensation where she was sure she'd been bandaged.

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 Post subject: Re: Time Travel (Trouble?) - Ambarsariya and CycloneKira
Post Posted: Dec 29th, '15, 09:42    

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'I'm...my name is Fenn. Alistair Fenn.' He cleared his throat. 'You can, uh, call me Alistair.' He'd carried her in a princess lift half a mile and still had his blood on her, formality would be absurd at this point. Even though she was native and should probably call him 'Sahib', the thought was absurd.

'I found you. You had an accident...' how, though? There wasn't anything on that stretch of empty outskirts that she could've collided with, no other cars to have hit her and gone on by. 'So I brought you to the hospital, so... I'll go now,' he said, hastily getting up. He felt really awkward and shy, and the fact that she was native not helping. He'd come back to keep checking on her until she was on her legs again, of course. But there was also work to get back to, so he'd leave for the moment.

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 Post subject: Re: Time Travel (Trouble?) - Ambarsariya and CycloneKira
Post Posted: Dec 29th, '15, 13:31    

Radhika lifted her head and groaned. The white man introduced himself, gave a brief explanation of how he brought her here and then prepared to leave. And rather hastily, Radhika thought. She tried to ask him to wait, but her voice failed her. By the time she could do anything, the man was gone. Alistair Fenn, huh?

Alone in the hospital room, she just lay there and allowed her thoughts to flow.

She was in big trouble. First of all, she didn't know where in time she was exactly, but judging from Fenn's clothes and his (obvious) nationality, she deduced that she must be sometime in the British Era. Not good. At all.

Second, she had no idea where the car was. There was no doubt that, wherever it was, it would stand out. It was a twenty-first century car in the nineteenth or twentieth century for crying out loud. She hoped against hope that it would remain untouched until she found it. Which brought her to the third problem.

Until she found the car, she would have to somehow blend in. Live in the shadows. She was not of this time, and if she altered anything, even a tiny bit, there could be serious repercussions. And here she was, in a hospital, possibly mentioned in one of its record books or whatever.

There was something else. The man, Alistair Fenn. He had already seen her. He'd seen the car. He knew she'd been in some sort of accident. Worst of all, he knew she could speak English. Was it common for Indians to speak English during the British era? She did not know. Nevertheless, she didn't want to stick around long enough to find out.

She had to get out of the hospital. Quickly. But how was she supposed to do that?

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 Post subject: Re: Time Travel (Trouble?) - Ambarsariya and CycloneKira
Post Posted: Dec 31st, '15, 10:39    

Alistair sat with the paperwork in front of him, but his pen was held loose in his unmoving hand as he stared out the window. He hoped the girl was okay. She must be from the richer classes of Indians, landlords, maybe even a royal family. After all, she'd had a car, and she'd spoken in English to him which meant she'd had an English education. The EIC had established schools, to train young Indians into serving them, signing up for their army and government jobs after passing out. Some people sent their children to London to study higher. Gandhi had studied law, hadn't he? Of course he didn't exactly practice though. He'd have to follow British laws in a court in front of a British lawyer. He must have found it all very senseless...

He tried to decide whether the girl had studied after school, perhaps abroad. People here didn't generally send their girls to study further. Most didn't even send their daughters to school. Had her car been an expensive model? He hadn't noticed anything about it, the accident hadn't allowed his mind to dwell on anything else in that moment. He decided however that she must have attended university. He didn't know how he could tell from just the three words she'd spoken to him, but he thought her English was refined.

Abruptly he came out of his reverie. He was thinking about her too much. He'd go see her again first thing tomorrow morning, but he couldn't neglect his work now. He shuffled through his paperwork and put the pen to it determinedly.

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 Post subject: Re: Time Travel (Trouble?) - Ambarsariya and CycloneKira
Post Posted: Jan 4th, '16, 13:28    

Radhika sat patiently in her bed. The doctors and nurses were telling her that she was recovering quickly. That she would be up and about in three days' time. Of course, they spoke to her in Hindi, and this time, Radhika had enough sense to stick to that language. One man knowing that she spoke English was bad enough. Hopefully, he wouldn't show up again, that Alistair Fenn.

As the sun began to set, Radhika grew restless. The nurse had applied some medicine on the injury, bandaged it and left it to heal, leaving Radhika to her thoughts. After a while, she sat up straight on the bed. No sweat. Then she put her feet on the ground and tried standing up. Ouch. She held her stomach with her hand and walked around the hospital ward, with a determined expression on her face.

Soon, she got used to walking with the pain. It was a slow walk, but she could walk. She looked around the room. There was a large medicine box on the bedside table. She opened the drawer. There was a sari inside. She took the sari out and spent the next twenty minutes trying to wear it. It was tedious work, especially with the pain, but she kept going. When she was done, she neatly folded the patient's gown she'd been wearing earlier and placed it on the bed.

Then she looked out the window. She was on the ground level. Good, that meant her escape would be relatively easy. She grabbed the med kit (she decided to call it that), opened the window and, through a lot of huffing and puffing, managed to climb out. It was a wonder that no one walked in on her while she attempted this feat.

Finally out of the hospital, she held the med kit firmly in her hand and kept walking. The more the distance between her and the hospital increased, the faster she walked. She briefly thought of Alistair Fenn. Would he come to see her in the hospital? And if he did, what would he think when he found that she was missing? Then she brushed those thoughts away. It wasn't important. What WAS important was lying low until she could go back home. She spotted a jute bag on the corner and, picking it up, dropped the med kit inside and went on her way.

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