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Trust me, me neither (Peparexa and Angel-WolfBunny)
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Author:  Angel-WolfBunny [ Dec 6th, '15, 13:21 ]
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Ariel was concentrated on little bird flying over him. 'You are special little creature, aren't you?' He was still smiling. He almost didn't hear what Victor was talking. ''Every place with nature, that lets humans be closer to it, is special place.'' He said when bird landed on his hand. He looked at demon boy. He wanted to ask him so much about him like 'When did he become demon?' and 'Which kind of demon he is?'. But angel needed to keep himself from asking those questions, not to give himself away.

He blinked few times when hearing question of Victor. He stopped to think about where is his name in human world heard. He remembered texts about angels, but he couldn't even bring it up, or could he. ''I was named after Archangel of animals, Ariel. But you probably heard my name in that cartoon. How is it called? Little mermaid, I think.'' He tried to sound convincing. Little bird decided to flew away.

Author:  Peparexa [ Dec 6th, '15, 16:03 ]
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"Is anybody home?" Victor thought to himself, since Ariel didn't seem to hear him too well, but he stopped himself from saying that. Ariel was too concentrated on the birdie. Why was that bird even here though? Birds don't usually just approach humans like that. He really seemed to have something special in him that only animals could see. That made Victor quite curious. What was it? Why did animals love Ariel so much?

He nodded when Ariel told him that he was named after Archangel of animals. "The name certainly suits you," he said. That was where he heard that name. Demons were warned to beware the archangels, since they were much stronger than other angels. But of course, Ariel couldn't be an archangel, right? That would just be ridiculous. What would an archangel be doing here? Wouldn't he have better things to do?

"So, wanna stay here some more or do you wanna keep going? I mean, you seem to like it here," Victor said and smiled.

Author:  Angel-WolfBunny [ Dec 6th, '15, 16:37 ]
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''Oh, surely we can move on.'' Ariel said smiling. ''I still need to find hotel. I came here just today. I am here on work business'' He remembered he doesn't have anythings with himself to support his story. ''My things are on their way here. I will go get them after I find place to stay in.'' He had some human things at house he had in forest on mountain, it was a little bit away of small village. And he didn't lie, he was here on job. But he could stay few days, he just needed to check in heaven on animals from time to time.

''Also I would like to learn more about you, after all I will need someone who knows this city.'' He added second part of sentence fastly after realising he sounded like he flirted. He just wanted to know more about new demons and how they are trained. 'For heaven.' He kept saying himself. But he couldn't suppress fact that this demon was kind of charming even to angel like himself.

Author:  Peparexa [ Dec 6th, '15, 17:17 ]
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Victor nodded when Ariel told him that he needs to find a hotel and that his things are on the way. "I see," he said. He still wasn't really an expert when it came to humans and their jobs, but it seemed likely. He chuckled a little when Ariel said that he wanted to meet him better, since he knows this city. "Well, I guess that after we find you a hotel, we can go somewhere. For a beer, coffee or something like that and then we can talk some more. My treat."

He actually didn't need to eat nor drink. He was an incubus. He just needed to have sex with someone once in a while and it would be enough. But, it was fun to drink or eat something that he found tasty from time to time. "But for now, let's concentrate on finding a hotel for you. I know one that's not really expensive, but is still quite good," he said. "Follow me."

Author:  Angel-WolfBunny [ Dec 6th, '15, 17:59 ]
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''I can't really believe you don't live here, you know so much about this town. Let's go see that hotel. I have money. At least enough to buy myself a drink.'' Ariel said to Victor. He remembered, he hasn't tried human food or drinks in at least decade. Also he remembered humans need to eat. ''I also haven't eat something in long time so we could go to restaurant.'' His senses told him it was wrong talking so casual to demon. But there was feeling in him he never felt before. 'This demon sure is charming and acts like human, I would even believe him if I didn't know what he is.'

Next to them just went little girl walking her dog with her mother behind her. Dog started pulling girl towards Ariel. 'Seriously if this continues to happen I will be discovered.' He thought while dog jumped on him. ''No Puff, let boy alone.'' Then girl looked at him. ''I am sorry, sir.'' He smiled. ''It's okay little one, I like animals and obviously they like me.'' He got up cleaning his clothes with few motions, to human and demon it looked like normal thing but he was using his angel power. He looking at mother taking dog and they continiued on

Author:  Peparexa [ Dec 6th, '15, 19:21 ]
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Victor chuckled when Ariel said that he knows much about the town. He nodded. "Sure. A restaurant sounds great," he responded when Ariel said that he hasn't eaten in a while, so they could go to a restaurant. He liked restaurants. Especially ones with good food. Because, if they had bad food, there was no point in even bothering, since he didn't need to eat. At least not in the way humans do.

"Animals really do love you," he said when a dog ran towards him. Seriously though, it was as if he was an angel, since angels love animals and are loved by them as well. But, he would have felt it if Ariel was an angel right? Unless he was an archangel. Still, wouldn't Ariel have known he was a demon if he was an archangel? And why would he stay next to him then? Besides, didn't archangels have more important things to do? Some important archangelic businesses?

Maybe he should keep an eye on him, just in case. But, if he manages to seduce him... he'll have a huge advantage. He had a well thought plan in his head to make sure that nothing happens to him. Besides, Ariel was quite attractive. He couldn't deny that.

Author:  Angel-WolfBunny [ Dec 6th, '15, 19:44 ]
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Ariel knew he was probably suspicious, but he just needed to continue acting human. 'What ever that means.' He then realised he needed to give some human information about himself. ''Silly me, I wanted from you to give me some information about yourself without saying anything about myself.'' He put hand on his neck and massaged it for few seconds. ''I am animal rights activist,'' He said. It wasn't lie, he practically couldn't lie. He remembered what happened last time he lied. He was stuck in his angel form and couldn't go to Earth. Many animals, he can help only in human form, like that puppy from earlier, got hurt because of that. He also liked being human, eat, sleep, dream and he couldn't do that in his angel form.

He got back to now. ''I was given that job since I was really young, before I even knew what my parent ment under animals.'' He smiled and hoped it will be good enough to keep demon from asking questions. But if he did Ariel had some more things he could say to Victor.

Author:  Peparexa [ Dec 6th, '15, 20:16 ]
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Victor smiled. "I'm not surprised," he said when Ariel told him that he is an animal rights activist. "But, even though it was kind of... forced upon you, you really seem to love animals," he said. After all, he had basically thrown himself in the traffic to save a puppy. Not everyone was ready to do that. He could have been hit easily. Something was telling him that it wasn't the first time Ariel did something like that.

"I kinda admire you for doing things like that," he said. Though he could use lies and sweet words (he was a demon, after all) to seduce and lure his victims in, what he just said was actually true. It took guts, passion and dedication. And that was something worth admiring.

Author:  Angel-WolfBunny [ Dec 6th, '15, 20:40 ]
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Ariel looked at demon. 'He didn't sound like he was lying. But that's demon's job. To lie.' He still wasn't sure about it, but his guts, that he had only when human, told him truth was coming from Victors mouth. He realised what demon said. ''No you got it wrong. It wasn't forced upon me. I choose to folow it, I love animals with my whole heart.'' He said with huge smile, the real smile he always had when talking about animals. ''I am flattered for you admiration. I just do what I think is best for animals. And without animals humanity couldn't survive very long. So I also do good for humanity.'' He said with small amount of pride.

Author:  Peparexa [ Dec 6th, '15, 21:17 ]
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"I'm glad to hear that," Victor said and smiled when Ariel told him that he choose to follow it, rather than it being forced upon him. But truth be told, it did sound like something an angel would say. After all, as far as he knew, God has given angels their duties and they would accept whatever he had chosen for them. Or at least that was just a general opinion shared by the demons.

However, he needed more prooves before he could be certain. "That is true. Without animals, humans couldn't live at all. Though most humans often forget about that," he said and shrugged. "Or just ignore it in favor of money."

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