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Trust me, me neither (Peparexa and Angel-WolfBunny)
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Author:  Angel-WolfBunny [ Dec 5th, '15, 19:06 ]
Post subject:  Trust me, me neither (Peparexa and Angel-WolfBunny)

There is heaven, and there is hell. There are angels, and there are demons. Just because humans don't believe we exist, it doesn't mean we don't. Angels were created right from hands of God, and demons are human souls that were turned to demons by time spent in hell or based on their sins turned right away in what they are. Many angels have fallen, for humans or for demons, but there is one archangel that always keep to his job. He was doing his job perfectly for thousands of years. Will it stay that way?

[b]Age (human years):[/b]
[b]In heaven or hell?[/b]

Author:  Peparexa [ Dec 5th, '15, 23:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: Trust me, me neither (Peparexa and Angel-WolfBunny)

Name: Victor
Age (human years): 19
In heaven or hell? Hell
Rank: Incubus
Appearance: Demon Human
Other: Being an incubus, he can change his appearance easily.

Author:  Angel-WolfBunny [ Dec 6th, '15, 00:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: Trust me, me neither (Peparexa and Angel-WolfBunny)

Name: Ariel 'Lion of God'
Age (human years): Created before humanity looks like 18
In heaven or hell? Heaven, somethimes(most of time) Earth
Rank: Archangel
Appearance: Angel and human face, upper body, Legs, clothes (without hat)
Other: Can turn to animals (because he's archangel of animals)


Ariel watched over animals from his point. He just noticed one of pups move from his mother, thing was just learning to walk. This brought huge smail to his face. He felt need to go to it and pet it, but mother wouldn't let it. He spent enough time with humans, he realised. He started to act like one, but he was still doing his job perfectly. He everything seemed fine at this moment so he decidet to visit the Earth for small time. Turning iinto his human form he was put somewhere on Earth, by looks of it, it was small town whitout many people but with a lot of animals. 'How did humans call it? Yeah, villige.' He's smile grew wider. He loved those small places, they were so close to nature. He saw girl walking dog without leash, most of dogs hated that thing. They loved to walk next to their master witout it. He found one nice meadow and lied down, feeling ladybug land on his hand.

Author:  Peparexa [ Dec 6th, '15, 00:39 ]
Post subject:  Re: Trust me, me neither (Peparexa and Angel-WolfBunny)

When he was done putting his clothes on, Victor glanced at the girl lying in the bed, who was still slightly panting. As he approached her, she rose into a half sitting, half lying position. Smiling, he ran his hand through her silky black hair and kissed her. "Do you really have to go?" she asked. "Unfortunately," he answered. "But I'll visit you again soon," he promised. After exchanging a few sweet, but empty words of love and a few more kisses, he said goodbye and left her house.

He didn't really love that girl. He did care about her a bit, but other than that she meant almost nothing to him. She was just one of many victims that he had seduced over time. Where would he be if he tried to remember and care about all of them? But, he did kind of like her compared to others, so he visited her slightly more often. He liked her appearance, her personality was kinda good and she was great in bed. And that meant something, coming from him. After all, he had slept with many women. And even men. He was an incubus, after all.

Stretching slightly, he decided to take a walk. Being on Earth was quite fun. It was more interesting than hell, that's for sure. Not that he had never been to this particular place, but it was nice, so it didn't matter.

Author:  Angel-WolfBunny [ Dec 6th, '15, 01:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: Trust me, me neither (Peparexa and Angel-WolfBunny)

Ariel realized he fell asleep, he got up and went back to heaven to chack on some animals. He got just in time because puppy from before was going to traffic of cars, in huge city, he fastly teleported there, his mother was too busy taking care of other puppys. Turning human he runned to save puppy, he then realised that puppy was on different side of road than his mother and that was problem. 'How did he even cross the road?' Puppy was already on midle of road and Ariel needed to throw himself to save it. He managed it. He saved the puppy, but he realised his clothes got dirty, he didn't care. Then he felt presence of demon. He got up still holding puppy. He was now standing face to face with demon. 'He is young.' He thought to himself. Letting puppy go he didn't break eye contact with demon.

Demon had oringe eyes and smeled of sexual intercouse. Ariel came to conclusion that male demon is incubus. 'Probaly just got from one of his vitcims. They are strongest in tose time. Even though he is young. He probably can't even recognize an angel.'

Author:  Peparexa [ Dec 6th, '15, 01:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: Trust me, me neither (Peparexa and Angel-WolfBunny)

"Woah, that was one crazy stunt you did there," Victor praised the other. It sure took guts to just throw yourself and save a puppy like that. Truth be told, he didn't even see the puppy until he heard cars trying to stop. But oh well. The little thing was safe now, so it didn't matter anymore. As he unwrapped a lolipop and put it in his mouth, he saw how intensely the other guy was staring at him. What was wrong? Why was he looking at him like that? It wasn't him who just did something insane.

"Can I help you?" he asked. Something seemed off with him, but he just couldn't put his finger on it. "Did you hit your head or something?" The guy had just put down the puppy he risked his life for and kept staring at him instead. Was he that interesting or what? Victor couldn't even dream that the other knew that he was a demon. He couldn't feel the other's angelic energy against his will either, so in his eyes, Ariel was just a normal person. Okay, an odd person. Definately an odd person.

Author:  Angel-WolfBunny [ Dec 6th, '15, 01:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: Trust me, me neither (Peparexa and Angel-WolfBunny)

Ariel reminded himself he needed to blink. 'It is thing humans do.' He got used to blinking and realised what demon asked him. ''No, I am fine. Thank you for question.'' He stopped, he wasn't in close of demon in long time. ''I am new to town.'' He stuttered, hoping tht will convince demon and it wasn't lie he wasn't in this town ever. It was young town after all. Ariel wanted to know more about new demon, he didn't really know why, but it seemed as interasting thing. He moved his eyes trying to get more information about incubus. '[i]I could ask him to show me town. It sounds like good idea and demon probably won't suspect anything.

''I am Ariel.'' He smiled warmly to demon and putting his hand infront of himself for handshake. ''Like I said I am new to town and I would like someone to show me around. Are you from this town?'' He asked still smilling.

Author:  Peparexa [ Dec 6th, '15, 02:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: Trust me, me neither (Peparexa and Angel-WolfBunny)

Victor raised an eyebrow in suspicion, but it seemed that the other wasn't lying, as far as he could see. And he could see when the others were lying to him almost immediately. He shook hands with him. "Nice to meet you. I'm Victor," he introduced himself as well with a smile on his face. "I am not exactly from here, but I am quite familiar with the town, since I do visit it a lot. I could show you around, I guess. But only because you have such a nice smile." His voice went from normal to teasing in a matter of seconds. He chuckled a little.

The guy did seem weird, but he seemed nice and was also quite attractive. He could work with that. Besides, he had that something in him that made him want to get closer to him. That made him want to make him his a bit more than his past victims. Even though it was still to early for that, unless Ariel was the type of person who liked one night stands. "Now, let's go," he said. His voice was normal again and he gave away no sign that he had just teased the other guy.

Author:  Angel-WolfBunny [ Dec 6th, '15, 02:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: Trust me, me neither (Peparexa and Angel-WolfBunny)

What was that change in demon's, no Victor's voice. He never heard it before. 'This demon sure is interesting.' He thought following his body gestures. 'Maybe he is trying to, how people call it, flirt with me. After all he is incubus. It looks like he doesn't realise I am angel. Well he's hot, but I don't know what kind of connection temperature has with his looks.'

He followed Victor, but stopped at ally in which were little puppies and their mother. He smiled, this was real smile. He was happy for helping that small pup find his mother. It was cute sight. Puppies were playing and mother was watching them, even she looked like she was smiling. He knew that he shouldn't talk about animals in their gender but in neutral gender, in 'it', but that would make them same as plants and objects, he didn't want that.

Continiuing on he noticed park with birds in it. One of birds flew to him. He was happy little animal recognized him as angel. ''What is in that park?'' He heard himself say.

Author:  Peparexa [ Dec 6th, '15, 02:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: Trust me, me neither (Peparexa and Angel-WolfBunny)

As they walked, Victor noticed Ariel stopping to look at the puppies. He couldn't stop himself from smiling. The small family was reunited and the dogs were happy. It was certainly a nice sight. What Ariel did was reckless and even a bit crazy, but... seeing this was definately worth it. He knew that, even though he was a demon. After all, even though demons were far from cute and lovely creatures, demon mothers were still mothers. And motherly love was something precious. Something worth protecting.

He kept walking, together with Ariel. To his surprise, one of the birds flew over to Ariel. That guy sure was popular with animals. "Well, there is nothing really remarkable here. It's the biggest park in town. But, I guess it does look nice," he said and shrugged. Then he realized something. "Your name is Ariel, right? It's an unusual name, but I think I've heard it somewhere before."

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