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 Post subject: Re: Till Death Do Us Part {SeaCrest x Yami-Hime)
Post Posted: Feb 12th, '16, 21:54    

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Daniel was glad that the first person who could talk and see him was nice. Amber was clearly very intelligent and very wise beyond her years, she seemed to be very calm and collected and had a sense of strength about her that was comforting. It made sense for a Chanteur to avoid spirits at all costs, they often messed with spells and made channelling magick very difficult. Daniel nodded along and his eyes wandered to the stack of books in her arms - they looked rather heavy.

He chuckled when she commented on his so-far boring travels, he couldn't retort - it had been incredibly boring. "He's dying?" that was new. He had rarely come across a Chantuer who was used as a healer - well, apart from in more remote areas where they were less wizard and more Doctor. They simply knew a lot about herbs and about the human body. "The Mayor seems to want to cling to life. He is lucky he has the chance." Daniel felt a cold pang of jealousy, the mayor was probably old and wealthy, leaving behind a full, happy family. Something Daniel never had. "Are you happy to be working for him? I was led to believe Chantuers used to travel to many different places in order to research? Or are you researching medicine?"

Daniel wasn't particularly well-versed with he world of magick, in his years it was feared and women especially were treated like outcasts. Amber seemed to be doing just fine and the people here appeared to like her. He smiled at her, "Do you know many spells? I've only ever seen one properly cast, one that backfired and several that amounted to nothing. It would be a sight to see"

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