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 Post subject: Re: The Sad, Little Mermaid (SadBunny x Yami-Hime)
Post Posted: Mar 29th, '16, 21:09    

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Mairen awoke to searing pain in her chest, throat and lungs. Like she was drinking poison. It burned and tore at her, making breathing hard and laborious. Her tail hurt too, it felt coarse and heavy and it hurt to even think about trying to move. Her eyes slowly adjusted and she tried opening them but the sheer brilliance of the sun made her recoil and shut them again. It was then Mairen remembered that she was no longer the Princess of Atlantis, but a human girl.

She once again tried opening her eyes, slowly getting used the just how bright it was, and saw nothing but foreign and bizarre objects about her. The heavy feeling on her was some sort of material, thick and fluffy, very similar to what her head rested on, it seemed to be crushing her and yet when she felt it with her hands it was light and soft. Like she imagined clouds would feel. Next, Mairen wanted to see her legs, so she used all of her strength to throw the fabric to one side and gasped at just how hard it was. The gasping then caused her lungs to sear again and it felt like a sharp object was thrusting through them with each breath.

Still, she could see them. Legs. She had real, human legs! It was incredible! The Sea Witch had done it, but then, Mairen remembered the contract and realised why it was her throat and body hurt so much. She had traded her voice for these legs. Her beautiful singing voice just so she could walk on land and find the woman she saved from the burning ship. Tears welled in her eyes but she kept them at bay. Once the pain in her lungs had eased, she reached to grab a strange object from beside her.

It was a cube shape with a circular face one side. The face had three lines, one of which moved rhythmically. The lines all pointed to a symbol around the edge of the circles face and it made a curious tick tick sound as it went around. Mairen suddenly wished she had done a lot more research before coming to the surface. She had material wrapped around her, a white, thin cloth that covered her - this she did know was called a dress. This was a much lighter, airier version of the drowning woman's frock. Mairen quite liked it. Suddenly there was a sharp knock at the door and someone requested to enter.

Mairen tried to move her legs but they were clunky and heavy and she simply fell onto the floor, rolling in agony. Why did everything hurt so much? An elderly lady opened the door, asking if she was okay, and then rushed towards her, helping Mairen return to her position on the bed. "Are you okay my dear?" she asked, but Mairen couldn't reply, instead, with shaky uneven breaths, she nodded and attempted a weak smile. Following by a thought; Where am I?

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