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I Don't Need You (Tinker Bell & Eruvandir)
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Author:  Tinker Bell [ May 3rd, '18, 14:23 ]
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Quinn had to force himself to open his eyes. "Hmm?" Then he heard Destrian say something about dinner. Had he fallen asleep? He sat up a bit. "I’m sorry." He said with a small yawn. "I didn’t mean to fall asleep." He had just wanted to relax for a little bit.

Author:  Eruvandir [ May 3rd, '18, 14:53 ]
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Destrian chuckled as he moved the table so it would stand right in front of where the prince sat on the bed. "Come on. Eat your dinner and you can go back to sleep afterwards. We'll have to wake early tomorrow to pay a visit to the mayor." He placed a spoon and fork in the prince's hands before moving towards the bags that lay on the floor.

"Just leave the plates and utensils on the tray when you're done and I'll bring them downstairs." He instructed as he searched for a tunic and pants. The clothes they were currently wearing were soaked in sweat earlier that day and he can't have the prince sleep in those. He placed the new pair by the edge of the bed. "Change into those as well. I'll wash the soiled clothes tomorrow morning."

Moving back to the bags, Destrian took out his own pair of fresh clothes and swiftly changed into them with his back turned to Quin. He still had his own dinner waiting downstairs and a lot of questions for the barkeep.

(( Because of roleplays, my search history now includes 'what do knights eat?', 'do people in middle ages take baths?', 'how to build a fort?', and 'public bathhouse'. Haha xD ))
(( Did you know that only the rich get wooden bath tubs? The rest had to go to public bathhouses or rivers and stuff o.o ))

Author:  Tinker Bell [ May 3rd, '18, 18:19 ]
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Quinn was barely processing what was happening. He was so tired that he just did what he was told. He ate the food until he was full. "Thank you." He managed to keep some of his manners. He made himself get changed before laying back down.

"You get some rest too." He whispered to Destrian.

Author:  Eruvandir [ May 5th, '18, 14:11 ]
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Destrian spent some time in the inn's dining room as he ate and aksed the barkeep about the town. It seems that Lysette was a small town that gets most of its earnings from passing travelers and traders. He was even offered two horses and a wish of luck when the barkeep found out that they would be travelling towards Faliskor.

It was the dead of night when Destrian finally returned to the room to find the prince sleeping. He sighed as he stretched his aching back and took out a bedroll from the bag. Laying it neatly on the floor beside the bed, he finally rested and fell asleep. He hoped that the talk with the mayor tomorrow would be a ... friendly one.

Author:  Tinker Bell [ May 5th, '18, 15:32 ]
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Quin slept fairly good. Considering everything they'd been through, at least. The sun was peeking into the window when Quinn opened his eyes. He sat up slowly and ran his hands through his hair. He looked around and saw Destrian sleeping on the floor. He wasn't sure how long he'd been there, but he definitely wasn't going to wake him up. Not until it was absolutely necessary. Plus, it seemed as if the town was still sleeping as well.

Author:  Eruvandir [ May 9th, '18, 08:04 ]
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Destrian woke up when he heard something move. He couldn't help but remain vigilant after leaving the small village. He swore to never again get ambushed while he was sleeping. When it dawned on him that it was the prince who made the faint sound, he sighed in relief. His tensed muscles relaxed as he let go of the dagger that was still holstered on his thigh.

He pushed himself up from where he lay and blinked his sleepiness away and squinted at the sunlight that poured through the window. He wore his tunic as he stood up and slightly stretched his back after, he turned to Quin as he tried to tame his tousled bed hair. "We can go downstairs for breakfast then to the mayor's after. I was hoping to get at least a pair of horses for the trip to Faliskor. But if you'd like to rest here for a while then I can make the arrangements." He told Quin as he tried to recall just how much money they had left.

Author:  Tinker Bell [ May 9th, '18, 14:11 ]
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Quin looked over to Destrian when he moved. "Sorry, did I wake you?" He asked quietly. He would have felt awful if he had. Then Destrian mentioned going to the mayor's office. "No, I should come too. It’s okay." He told him. He couldn’t just lay around all day.

Author:  Eruvandir [ May 10th, '18, 08:39 ]
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(( Feel free to control the other characters o.o ))

Destrian nodded and gave Quin a reassuring smile. Breakfast was uneventful, as was the walk towards the town hall. The knight sighed in relief when he saw that the guards stationed by the doors did not stop people from entering. 'Probably only the suspicious ones', he thought. He nodded his head in greeting at the knights who nodded in return and returned to watching over the crowd outside.

Destrian walked over to the table at the side of the room where a woman was looking over some documents. "Good morning, ma'am." He greeted politely and when the lady looked up to him, he continued. "We were wondering if we could meet with the mayor. We have things to discuss with him."

The woman only asked for a name and wrote it down before sending them to take a seat. Destrian awkwardly walked towards a bench and asked Quin to sit down as he stood beside him. "That was ... new", was the only way he could describe what just happened.

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