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 Post subject: A Beginner's Guide to Kingdom of Knuffel!
Post Posted: Jan 12th, '10, 09:37    

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Welcome to the Kingdom Of KnuffelImage

A Beginner's Guide to Kingdom of Knuffel!

Welcome & Congratulations on becoming a member of the Kingdom of Knuffel.
There are many things to enjoy here and I can't wait to show you all the Kingdom has to offer. I would like to cover some basics first. This is a Forum site and you can dress your avatar here.

Let's get started:
There are a few places you may want to check out before you browse around the site.
Here is a list of all the Administrators and Moderators.
(Admins & Mods)

First place to visit:
This link located at the top Menu all the way on the Right: Help


Here you find out all the most important Do's and Don't for the site and
covers the basic Kingdom of Knuffel Rules
Signatures: Signature Changes, Images, & More!
This is the max signature size: 500 x 600
Image of Maximum size
Mules: (Also see the additional Mule Announcement for added information about mules)
Off-Site Trading:

The second place to visit:
This link located directly below the Rules on the top menu: FAQ
The Frequently Asked Questions

Before creating a new thread in the Support Forum
Please look here at the FAQ _ Support Questions 1st!
Support Answers Found Here - Read before posting a topic!
Topics covered here include:
Broken Polls..........Remove Friend..........Knuffel
Missing Knuffel..........Search............Post Count Decreasing
Games..........Mules...........Shop Previews.......Canceling Trades
This list will change over time, but many common glitches or known issues should be covered here.

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Post Posted: Jan 12th, '10, 09:37    

Time to Explore the Site:

Let's start with the Knuffel;
The main Kingdom of Knuffel story link gives a description of the characters here.

Currently Available:
Event Knuffel are sometimes available during site events!
* The first Event knuffel was only 1000 Food Points!
Knuffel can be bought & named by you with 2500 Food Points from Tifunee at the Knufftropolis Adoption Agency. Knuffel can help with quests & these knuffel can dig for Material, Items and Food Points in the Digging Field!
The link titled Knuffel is located at the top menu under the shop link on the right side between, Story & My Account.
Your Current Knuffel links are found in your wardrobe.
All Knuffel are Limited Editions and not trade-able.


(Below is an example of each category from my personal collection. )

Knufftropolis: Current/New Knuffel
Current Knuffel Guide: New Knuffel Information
They can assist you in battle, help you dig for material for your quests or help you earn food.

Trial Knuffel
Trial Knuffel Announcement: Trial Knuffel & New Knuffel Layout
A new user can try out one trial Knuffel for free, though it will only stay with you for 14 days. During that time, the Knuffel will work like every other Knufftropolis Knuffel with the ability to level up, get a battle status and dig for material and food on Candy Island. After 14 days the Knuffel will automatically leave the user again! There is also an "Adopt permanently" option available on your Trial Knuffel's page, which lets you adopt the Knuffel with all its current EXP for the regular 2500 Food fee before it expires, instead of having to start over from the beginning! However, you MUST adopt it before it expires or you will have to adopt a new one and start all over from level 1! Each Trial Knuffel can also be adopted regularly, for the regular 2500 Food fee, and will then stay with you permanently (or till you give it up), just like every other Knufftropolis Knuffel.

Wild Knuffel: User Created Knuffel
This was the 1st one released that I adopted.
These knuffel can be leveled up, earn food, but not dig.
The prices vary at this time.

Past Knuffel
There are many more styles of older knuffel.
Each Knuffel were created in limited quantities or for limited amount of time.
These are no longer available.
Many older unused Gaia Knuffel were deleted to help make room for the new knuffel system here is a link to that announcement
Preparing for new Knuffel

No food points granted
Yes Knuffel Were available from another online site in the past.


No food points granted- These were discontinued.

Knufftropolis - Original Knuffel NO LONGER AVAILABLE!
- Gives the user Food Points when played with.
These were discontinued and are no longer located in your wardrobe.


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Post Posted: Jan 12th, '10, 09:38    

Shown Here FIRN
One of my most favorite features here is the unique Avatars.

To buy items for your Avatar you can visit the shops
Items bought in the Shops can be found in your Wardrobe. (Link next to Shops & Trades)
Your wardrobe is also where you change clothes.
When you buy something from a shop you will always see a link to take you directly to your wardrobe.
All items sold in the all shops are permanent they will not be removed from the shops!
You may sell and trade the items bought in shops as well.
Check out the Market and the forums!

Items in these shops are bought with Food Points :food:

Bananarama-Here you will find the most affordable clothing
and accessories for your avatar. This shop is run by Fungus:

The Cutting Crew- Here you can change your hairstyle..
It's good to note these are not wigs; once you buy any hair from this shop,
this is a permanent change to your avatars hair!
This shop is run by Lyera:

Lunatic Fringe- Here you can buy more elegant styles.
This shop is run by Lucretia:

The Family Jewels- Here is the local jewelry shop
This shop is run by Feänor:

Purikura- Here is your background, boarder and Frame Shop
This shop is run by Gigi:

Rikashitsu- Here you can make both permanent changes to your avatar by purchasing items from Permanent Mutation (Top items only) or Body Part Items that can accessorize your current avatar (Lower items).
This shop is run by Igor:

What are Troth Tokens
This shop is run by Walla:

Fairy Coins Info
Items in this shop are bought with Fairy Coins :fc:
All of these Items are Limited!
Once they are removed from the shop the only way to get these items is by trading.

To buy Fairy Coins from the site you go directly through the
Donate PayPal link on the bottom menu - between Art and Members.
Each US$ 2.50 gives you 1 Fairy Coin.
Each € 1.90 gives you 1 Fairy Coin.
or you can trade with other users for them with items or Food points.
Fairy Coin value in Food Points does vary according to user but generally ranges
between 6 & 8K per Fairy Coin.

Treasure Trove- Here you can purchase:
Monthly Treasure sets (Limited released for 1 month only) 1 FC Coin for 8 items
Special Treasure Trove items (Limited released for 3 months only) 1 FC for 1 Item
This shop is run by Nympharia:

Helpful Avatar Links
Avatar Talk Forum - The First Sticky is for the
Kingdom Of Knuffel's official avatar contest!
Hosted Monthly by the King Of Knuffel.

Selling & Auctioning Rules: A Must read if your going to buy and sell in the Forums here!

List of User Run Guides:
KofK Price Guide

Image Threads:
Look here to find the URL for Images to use in your threads!
Ultimate Item Guide

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Post Posted: Jan 12th, '10, 09:39    


Before you select a quest, please take a look at the guide!
The information found there can help you make decisions on which quest you should start with.
Some are easy and some are very difficult.

Quest Guide; Created and updated by [[Ayame]]
Official Quests Guide: Recipes & FAQ -New Knuffel!

This link is located in the top main Menu between Trades and Fairy Coins
This page Includes the directions for How to collect material?
- located on the entire left side of the page!
- Pick a Quest here
- Find what material you need here
- Turn in Finished Quests here

You many also Trade, Sell, & Buy Material in the Material Trades Forum.

The Official Quests Forum,
Is there as a place for you to keep track of your quests.

Helpful threads!
Material Items An Image Guide for Materials can be found in
Moi's Thread
How are people getting so many materials? By Verucca

This is what it looks like when you find material.
It shows up in the middle your page.
Fairies & Event Collectibles- (like snowflakes from a winter event)-Show up the same way.
*The rate at which you can find Materials is quite high You may find several each hour! However, finding fairies is quite rare you can go months and months and not find: it is very random!

When you find a material, you will get a pop-up which contains five small thumbnails and will be asked to choose the right picture. For example, the screen-shot above is asking you to click on the picture of the animal out of the five thumbnails, meaning the rat. If you click on the wrong picture, you will not be able to claim your material, and it will be logged into our system in order to catch people using programs in order to accumulate large amount of materials. Don't worry if you get it wrong once in a while, though.
Such a system has yet to be incorporated into the fairy/event pop-ups.
Materials and any other items that pop up are not blocked by
Pop Up blockers so you do not need to adjust those to collect material.

The Super Basic Way to complete Quests!
Go to the Castle> Select Quest

To find what you need:
Go to Alchemist>
Select>I want to find out what material I need to fulfill the task given to me

Collect Materials: ----Once Finished:

Return to Alchemist:> Select I have collected all the material needed and I want to have it turned into an object.

Collected Object will appear in your Wardrobe.

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Post Posted: Jan 12th, '10, 09:39    

Forum- Important and Helpful threads for each forum!
Site wide announcements will show up in each forum.

:qstar: A Note About BUMPING: outside the SPAM forum :qstar:

You are permitted to BUMP your thread after it has fallen off the 1st page
of any forum.
You are not permitted to BUMP a Thread before then.

The Kingdom wrote:

The Bazaar wrote:

Communication Office wrote:

Playground wrote:
In-thread RPGs
Role-playing 101

Word Games

Games Talk
Fandom Rules (Please Read!)

Art and Letters wrote:
Art Post
Reminder: "Art Post", not "Link Collection"

Art Discussion

Art Contests

Novels & Poems

Entertainment Arena wrote:

Shops-See post 3
Wardrobe- See Post 3

There are 3 ways to start a trade with someone.
1st - Select Trade from menu above >enter the username of the person you want to trade with>select correct person > begin trade
2nd- Users Profile Page , by selecting trade under their profile image
3rd- By selecting Trade at the bottom on the Users posts.

*To Cancel a Trade please contact Starkad via PM if you not able to have the person you are trading with cancel the trade or you are not able to do this yourself.

*Never refresh the page during a trade always use the provided buttons otherwise you will be issued an automatic warning.
There is red text in the trade window to remind you not to do this.

Quests-See Post 4
Fairy Coins- See Post 3
Rules- See Post 1

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 Post subject: )
Post Posted: Jan 12th, '10, 09:40    

Story- Character Information
Knuffel - Knufftropolis Adoption Agency

My Account- Here you can adjust things to your liking,
I have put in Bold some of the main ones most often used with a short description.

* » Front page
* » Manage subscriptions- A list of forums and topics you are subscribed to. You will be notified of new posts in either.
* » Manage bookmarks- You can bookmark topics for future reference.
* » Manage drafts
* » Manage attachments

* » Edit profile- Please note that this information may be viewable to other members. Be careful when including any personal details.
* » Edit signature-This is a block of text that can be added to posts you make. Up to Width 500 pixel - Height 600 pixel
* » Edit account settings- You can edit your Email & Password, Usernames are not permitted to be changed for any reason.

Board preferences
* » Edit global settings- Check here for Email/PM/Time Settings and More
* » Edit posting defaults- Adjust if needed
* » Edit display options- Adjust if needed

Private messages
* » Inbox- PM Sent to you that are Unread
* » Outbox - PM You have sent that are Unread
* » Sent messages- PM That that been Opened
This is a sub-menu for all three; Inbox, Outbox & Sent Messages
* » Compose message-Create a PM here
* » Manage PM drafts
* » Rules, folders & settings

Friends & Foes
* » Manage friends- Friends enable you quick access to members you communicate with frequently.
* » Manage foes- Foes are users which will be ignored by default. Posts by these users will not be fully visible.

Games- Wack a Wuffel & Memory- Now Open - Please report any bugs!

Art- Stop In: Another Awesome way to earn Food Points!
Donate Paypal- Click here to contribute to the site and to get Fairy Coins
Members- A list of site Members
FAQ-A Collection of most asked Questions.

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Post Posted: Jan 12th, '10, 09:40    

There are a lot of things you can cover in a Beginners Guide.
My main goal was really put all the resources of the entire site are your fingertips to start with.

If you have any thing you think I should add please PM me.
I have left plenty of room to expand.
I have locked the thread as well to keep it uncluttered.

Please continue to ask questions in your Introductory threads.
That's part of what they are there for.

The Administration and Moderators and even many other loyal users are here to help you along the way.

I hope you enjoy your time here!

CharstarWishes :qstar:

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Post Posted: Jan 12th, '10, 09:40    

:qstar: Reserved :qstar:

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Post Posted: Jan 12th, '10, 09:41    

:qstar: Reserved :qstar:

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Post Posted: Jan 12th, '10, 09:41    


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