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 Post subject: Convention
Post Posted: Jul 29th, '13, 01:59    

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Everyone loves to go to con if it is anime, sci-fi, pulp fiction, ect. So what is your favorite con to go to and anything special happen there like meeting a guest star, got a good comment on your cosplay outfit, what? Also what is your least con you been to and why you don't like it maybe someone said something bad about your cosplay outfit, lost your badge and can't find it, what?
Talk about it and might get it off your chest that has been hanging in there for a long time.

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 Post subject: Re: Convention
Post Posted: Jul 29th, '13, 08:09    

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I've been to a TON of cons, San Diego Comic Con about 8 or 9 times, before it became the media machine it is today. *Hipster scarf flip*
Local anime conventions, I've been to way to many to count. I've also been to furry conventions (Definitely the most parties at any con i've been to!)
And in a few months I'll be going to my first Brony con.

The good:

Ohh... I have so many great memories from cons. I remember dressing up in as a Naruto character when it was still a manga, and how excited people where when they saw recognized me. I guess being recognized in the first place means you have done your job right.
Meeting friends, I've met my boyfriend of two years at a anime convention. He's probably the greatest thing that's happened to me at one.

The bad:
Stalking stalking stalking

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 Post subject: Re: Convention
Post Posted: Jul 31st, '13, 23:47    

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Never been on a con
but Im planning to go to one though :)
normally I go to Fairs (not sure how it is called in other lands)
the next fair I go to is from tomorrow to sunday
I gonna wear a cosplay of Hatsune Miku ^^

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 Post subject: Re: Convention
Post Posted: Aug 4th, '13, 15:05    

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I love cons, been to a few in my time. I want to cosplay, but have waist length wavy red hair, so my options are limited. Last week, went for the weekend with my sister, and cosplayed Audrey from the loraxx and.Wendy from gravity falls.

My best memory actually was from the last one, actualllay have 2 memories. The first was Saturday night, iI dressed up like Audrey. The funny part is that Audrey in my real name. So, heading out late, tired, and someone calls my name. I walk over and realized iI didn't know them, and asked how they knew my name. They pointed to my outfit, and I realized they weren't called for Audrey, but the Audrey character. We all had a good laugh.

The second was on the Sunday. A part of the convention area was turned into a kid zone for a different sponsorship, totally not part of Metro con. But, outside the kid zone, a large group of con goers were standing and taking pictures with kids instead of doing the con stuff. You could tell the parents didn't understand why princess vanelope was there, but their kid was happy, and the con goers never broke character.

My advice is to plan your trip financially well. I always over budget by 100, because the cons are cheaper for certain items, and often have stuff you want, but didnt know you wanted. Also, parking should be calculated in. I was able to pay hourly 2 of the three times, so spent 4 and then 6, but saturday, spent 10 dollars on parking. So advertised for 20 dollar parking.

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 Post subject: Re: Convention
Post Posted: Aug 6th, '13, 18:24    


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Anime conventions are really the best place for people with social anxiety and low self-esteem. The atmosphere feels very relaxed and exciting at the same time. You can be yourself and not have to feel like people are judging you.

I have a few handmade cosplays that I wear. It feels great when someone asks me if they can take a picture my cosplay and tells me that I did a good job on it. So far, Link and Edward Elric are equally popular. My next cosplay will be Android 17.

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 Post subject: Re: Convention
Post Posted: Aug 7th, '13, 16:28    

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I did rather stay at home...

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 Post subject: Re: Convention
Post Posted: Aug 16th, '13, 02:40    

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Did someone say conventions? Okey-doke, I have some stories. Gather 'round, kiddies.

-Comic Con 2009 of Saturday in July:

My first convention and it was with my late dad. I had gotten into Demyx Time by Parle Productions thanks to one of my best friends and got a Heartless plush for my 15th birthday, whom I've named "Patrick". So I decided to cosplay as the Heartless Chester. Only a handful of people recognized who I was supposed to be, but my dad got me a Neoshadow Heartless hat at the con, so I decided to wear it with the homemade costume. Keep in mind that I was literally wearing all black in the summertime. That means a black shirt, black jacket, black pants, black shoes, black gloves, and the black hat. And this was during hot summer. But did we have a fun time? We sure did!

One guy took a picture of me, a couple people said "Heartless" when my dad and I were in line for a panel we never got to go to, and we got to meet Kane Hodder, aka the guy that played Jason from Friday the 13th VII-Jason X, who happens to be the nicest guy ever. I got an autographed photo of him and Volume Two of the Gargoyles comic. Interesting was that when my dad and I met him, Kane noticed what I was wearing (all black in the sweltering summer heat) and stated to me, "You gotta be warm in that."

-Gathering of the Gargoyles of Friday 21st in August:

After the success of Comic Con, my dad asked me if there was going to be another convention in the Southern California area. So I began con-hunting and found the 13th Annual Gathering of the Gargoyles in Universal City, L.A. I was thinking about going on Saturday, but my dad told me that he and Mom were going to the Hollywood Bowl to see Diana Krall. So we settled on Friday. So on Friday, we headed to the Hilton Universal to the convention where the website said it would be at. We parked underground when we arrived, went upstairs, and looked around the Art Gallery twice. I signed up for the Mug-a-Guest panel stand-in sign up sheet for the show's creator, Greg Weisman.

When my dad and I looked around the Art Gallery for the second time, we met Greg himself. He was an awesome guy, too! I had a photo of him on my old cell phone, but the memory card got stolen. We also went to another panel, but we had to split early for movie night in the park. Well, I was able to buy Volume One of the comic adaptation of the show.

-Comic Con 2010 of Sunday in July:

One of the two only convention visits where myself, my mom, my dad, and my big sister were together. It was a little fun as before, but since I was being dragged to one place to another, especially by my big sister, I didn't have a lot of fun. Add to the fact that I bought only one thing for my best friend Alyssa (mind you, it was an almost $40 Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ Christmas Town Sora action figure) and they bought goodies for themselves and they called me "selfish".

Anyway, we met James Marsters, Cadmen Toy, Clare Kramer of Buffy fame, I got to converse with Bill Mosley of both House of 1000 Corpses and Repo! The Genetic Opera fame (though Bonnie got to be in a picture with him, no fair), and my dad and I went to only one panel. It was the Scooby-Doo panel. After that, we made the split back to home. But I did take pictures of people in cosplay and a few people actually recognized me since I dressed up as Chester again. Heck, one person that was at the Square Enix booth actually took a picture of me!

But I digress.

-Anaheim Comic Con 2011 of Saturday, 30th in April:

My dad and I went to this one as part of a "birthday gift" in a way. I did cosplay to this one, but this time, I dressed up as Matt from Death Note. My mom purchased the top and vest and gloves online while I bought high-heel boots that were Hell for me and got a pair of jeans from my closet, and I had my hair cut for the cosplay since I was looking for accuracy. That, and I actually made fake cigarettes with cut up rolled up paper. We got to go on Saturday and it was interesting. While there wasn't enough booths for sponsors, it was fun. I got to talk to one of the Pirates of the Caribbean cast members, and my dad and I met Nicholas Brendon of Buffy fame. Funny is that my mom and older sister got to meet him some time before April, and when Dad and I got to meet him, I told him that big sister never mentioned me.

We attended some panels-- Grease Sing Along, "Power Rangers", a Q&A with Nicholas, and the original Batman TV series with Adam West. In the last one, I asked him a question, he answered it, and a lady approached me and Dad with a consent form. She explained that I was taped for an autobiography on Adam West. So I signed the form and got my picture taken with my number. I got only one thing, which was a Sebastian (from Black Butler plush for Alyssa. But it was fun. It was even more fun since the next day was my 17th birthday.

-Anime Expo 2011 of Saturday 1st in July:

Originally my dad and I were going to go with Alyssa since we got her a ticket for it, but since she got sick on the morn of that day, we went without her. Once again, I dressed up as Matt. And this time, since I was wearing those Hellish heels, I ended up with blisters on my feet. It was not pretty. However, I had a promise to keep with Alyssa: that I would meet Vic Mignogna, famous voice actor of all of anime lore, for her and give him her drawing of Edward Elric to him for her. Did I fulfill that promise? You'll find out soon.

Anyway, since that day was that of the Vocaloid concert across the way at the Staples Center, my dad got a free Hatsune Miku sponsored Toyota poster along with a few other goodies. We did get a bit of swag, yes, and free gum as well. However, it was also the day of the bomb scare, so my dad and I waited outside of the convention. It's where I learned how to play Blackjack with an L cosplayer. Once the bomb scare was over with, we headed to Vic Mignogna's panel, which was packed with people. At this point, I'm sweating like a pig (keep in mind that I was wearing leather black gloves), sweat is dropping down my goggled face, and my feet is starting to kill me. Worse was that Dad got me and him a seat in the very back, where I wanted to get a question across, but I couldn't. Remember that Vic is very very very very popular. Once the panel is done, my dad told me that he would meet me in the Dealer's Hall for the autograph session. So I hitched a ride with one of the other guests, who nicely let me hold onto her backpack for dear life, and arrived at the line. At this point, I have no water, I'm exhausted and sweaty, and my legs were feeling pain. But I had to keep my promise to my friend to meet Vic for her.

Close to 6:00 p.m., where the Hall would close for the day though much to the others' disappointment, we finally made it to the table where Vic and his fiancee at the time, Michelle, were at. I got to talk to Michelle, who is a very sweet person by the way, and I told her about what was going on. Then we met Vic himself. To save time for those wanting to meet him, I told him no autographs for the pictures Alyssa and I made for him, though he was surprised since this was probably one of the few times where someone refused an autograph from him. I had to explain that the drawings were his to keep, but he did autograph this CD for Alyssa. Then I got a picture with him, courtesy of Dad. Once we got out, we started to head home and I decided to get rid of those damned boots.

-Anime Expo 2012 Saturday and Sunday of June 30th and July 1st:

A few months prior, my dad was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, so my mom filled in to go to Anime Expo with me. This time, we brought along my best friends Alyssa and Nicole. Because I had gotten into Homestuck by Nicole, I made the decision to cosplay as one of the alien Trolls, my patron Troll Tavros. A lot went on into preparing this cosplay: I had my hair cut shorter to resemble his appearance (kinda since my family was against me having a fauxhawk) and even dyed a darker brown, I bought a Taurus shirt from the online store that was selling Homestuck stuff, my older sister and I bought grey makeup and Final Seal since I was going to be grey on my arms and hands, I borrowed one of my dad's work shirts, and I purchased a pair of sandals for the role. However, it was a breakout since I did what I never did before: I made a plush with guidance from my mom. Namely, Tavros's guardian named Tinkerbull. And it was a success. We also made the bull horns, though it was a first timer's thing.

Mom bought a hotel room for the four of us and we headed out after Alyssa was dropped off at my house. Mom dropped all three of us across the way from the pre-registration line and headed to find the hotel we were going to be staying at. Even at that moment, someone recognized me and gave me a high-five. It was only the beginning. In line, I recognized some of the characters as people recognized who I was and complimented on Tinkerbull since he was handmade. Whenever someone asked, I told them that my mom and I made him. I even got hugs! Well, there was this one Roxy cosplayer that was with friends that saw me in line and gave me three hugs in two days.

We walked around the Dealer's Hall and we got a lot of swag. My friends got large body pillows, Nicole got a Sergeant Frog backpack (okay, I paid for the backpack), Alyssa got a T-shirt (again, I paid for the shirt), all of us got one print, we got buttons, I bought a Loki's Army shirt (oh, and I got to meet a Loki cosplayer on the second day!), and I bought a phone charm. We got to meet LittleKuriboh of Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged Series fame twice in the two days, more than a handful of people got to take pictures of me since I was probably the only Tavros there with a Tinkerbull plush. Then there was the biggest Homestuck gathering EVER. Well, "biggest" would be an understatement. But everyone was just so sweet and nice that it was impossible to get mad at them.

-Lunar Fest Year of the Dragon 2013 on Saturday:

Imma add this here since it counts as a con since there was a lot of cosplay there. There, I dressed up as a human version of Mordecai from Regular Show with my mom's raccoon plush as Rigby since I didn't get to for Halloween last year since I was sick that day and the next. It was a success-ish cosplay, but one I could be proud of. My mom and I brought along Alyssa and Nicole, whom the latter cosplayed as God Tier John again (first time was Anime Expo). We got to meet a lot of people in cosplay this year and they were really nice. Alyssa and I got to meet two lovely ladies that were dressed up as lady versions of Thor and Loki twice and they were extremely nice.

-Grand Slam 2013 of Saturday of February:

The last convention my family and I went to as a whole. We went to Grand Slam, which was a sci-fi con, in Burbank and we got to have a lot of fun. All four of us had superhero shirts on-- Dad had Superman, big sister had Batman, Mom had Green Lanturn, and I had the Flash. We went to a couple of panels, my mom and I got to be in a picture with James Marsters, and my big sister got to meet one of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine cast members who was also the voice of the chef from Little Mermaid. He got to sing a bit of "Les Poissons" for her, which she was wigging out. We got to meet Wall-E, to which my mom and older sister got a picture of me with him since he pronounced EVE's name as "Eva", which was my name. That attracted a crowd of people.

Before we left, I got to be in a picture with Jonathon Frakes and Marina Sirtis from Star Trek: The Next Generation, to which Jonathon noticed my cat hat and went "Hello, kitty!" Still makes me giddy ^_^

-Comic Book Expo 2013 of Sunday of February:

The last convention for now for me, but it was also the last for my dad, who passed away in May from the cancer. It was before the end of the month that we went to the convention with my dad's brother Uncle Cory and my cousin Jessica. We went a week after Grand Slam, but I agreed to come along for the ride. Unfortunately, there was one problem. The day before, I got sick with the flu and fever and ended up bedridden for four to five hours, to which I ended up watching The Avengers twice: once without commentary and one with commentary. Well, I was snoozing halfway in, but keep in mind that I was ill. The next day, Uncle Cory and Jessica picked me and Dad up and took us to L.A. The problem, by the way, was that of a extremely sore and scratchy throat. Along the way, my dad asked me a question about one of the previous con visits. Now I tried to answer, but at the time, my throat was hurting, so Dad and Uncle Cory had a hard time hearing me. Luckily, though, there was a solution: my uncle's iPad note app, which I borrowed and typed down an answer for Jessica to read. I had to explain, with her help, that my throat was sore and whatnot. They understood and apologized. So I used my old cell phone text message to communicate along with expressions and gestures.

At the small comic book convention, we looked around multiple times since it was inside an auditorium, and Dad managed to find a few comic books that he didn't have before. Because I was wearing my new Loki shirt from Christmas, one that said "You Mad? I Do What I Want!", I was more comic book-y of sorts. Dad was able to buy a Lego Loki at the Lego stand for me that was 10 bucks and a drawing of sad Avengers around a crying Loki by SuperEmoFriends, which was 20 bucks for that one. When my dad and Uncle Cory wanted to take a look, Jessica and I were left to look around on our own time since I was 18 at the time and she was a few years younger than I was as well. When she noticed a sealed off table that was full of porn and 18 years plus, she asked me if we could go in there. I answered (non-verbally) that she was 15 years old and that I would get in trouble for bringing you into the area. So we avoided it. We left the convention around lunchtime when my uncle began to feel tired. But needless to say, we had fun.

And thus ends my many tales of cons. Thank ye.

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 Post subject: Re: Convention
Post Posted: Sep 9th, '13, 16:47    

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I'm in Canaderp so we have few cons to go to that are semi-close to me. But I am going to Hal-con this year =3 in November, my first time at a sci-fi con too. But I shall see my cousin there and her new baby so I'm excited as well. I have been to one other con before and that was Animaritime, which was awesome when it was in Moncton. I have not gone this year as we are sort of planning on making like 4+ of us go to Anime North at some point next year or the year after, etc. whenever we come up with a descent amount of savings for the trip while would include, plane fair there and back, hotel stay, and shopping/transportation moneys.

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 Post subject: Re: Convention
Post Posted: Oct 13th, '13, 00:33    

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I've been to AnimeNEXT, MangaNEXT, New York Anime Festival, New York Comic Con, Anime Boston, Katsucon, Otakon, Mokucon, and Seoul Comic World.

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 Post subject: Re: Convention
Post Posted: Oct 13th, '13, 01:20    

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I haven't been to a con in years, but my hometown has a small con called Animagic. The first year I went I got to meet Vic Mignogna and Aaran Dismuke (the voice actors for Ed and Al of FMA). It was a lot of fun and at the end of the night, Vic let me glomp him. :D

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