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Are you a feminist?
Poll whore 23%  23%  [ 39 ]
Hell yeah equality~! 42%  42%  [ 70 ]
Um, no, women suck. (heh heh heh) 3%  3%  [ 5 ]
No 13%  13%  [ 22 ]
What is that??? 19%  19%  [ 31 ]
Total votes : 167
 Post subject: Re: Feminism
Post Posted: Dec 13th, '13, 03:07    

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Spica wrote:
I think one important thing to understand is that feminism focuses on sexism against women. This doesn't mean that they don't believe in sexism against men or think that it isn't a problem, but it does mean that it isn't part of their message. To call a feminist a man-hater for not focusing on sexism against men, I think, would be like calling a gay rights activist a transvestite hater for not focusing on rights for transvestites.

Exactly. It's funny how people resort to that argument when trying to smear feminists. Nobody is an activist for EVERYTHING, and someone being an activist in one area doesn't mean they don't care about other issues, or think the other issues aren't important or don't exist or whatever argument they make. If I make a donation to an AIDS foundation, does that mean I hate everyone with leukemia, or think leukemia research isn't important? Hell no. That argument is just a way to justify your disdain for something by trying to claim a moral highground that doesn't exist.

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 Post subject: Re: Feminism
Post Posted: Jan 8th, '15, 05:40    

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I did a project on the history of the women's rights movement a bit ago for a college class and I fight back every time I see someone smear the name. It hurts my heart to hear about celebrities distancing themselves from the title because of modern society.
There is a difference between true feminism and power, or modern, feminism. True feminism is the fight for equality for all. That spans all genders, sexes, races, and religions. Power feminism is what everyone hates. Power feminism is the too powerful push for equality. Individuals pushed too hard and swung things the other way.
All the time I see people, usually men, saying that if feminism was truly the fight for equality, it wouldn't be called feminism. It would be...equalism or humanism. I always have my answer ready. When the feminist movement started back in 1889, WOMEN were the one's who had to fight for equality. Men had their privilege handed to them. It took 42 years for the amendment that would give women the right to vote to be passed. FORTY-TWO YEARS! Women had to fight for the right to attend college. At one time, it was frowned upon for a girl to want to learn to read. Heck, THIRTY-EIGHT years ago, the government realized that domestic rape could be a thing. That's right, a man could rape his wife and there was nothing she could do. Because pleasing her husband was a wifely duty.
It always pisses me off to hear such an amazing movement be negatively paired with the current movement. News Flash! Putting women above men IS NOT EQUALITY! Therefore, it's not feminism.
I can not leave the image search window for "women against feminism" without being completely pissed off and wanting to punch some faces. So many girls so stupidly fighting the movement that got them the right to fight. It's disgusting and I just want to grab them and shake them! So much ignorance! I even went onto the Facebook page and shook things up there. One picture had a point about wanting and enjoying being a stay at home mom. I posted, "Without the very movement that you fight, you wouldn't have a choice." And I got tons of backlash. So. Much. Ignorance. I don't appreciate them fighting the movement that gave me the right to vote, attend college, and say No to my husband.
I always feel bad when I get passionate about this around my fiance. I'm sometimes worried that he'll think I am a modern feminist. Luckily he understands and agrees with my points.
I just absolutely hate those women against feminism picture where the paper says, "I need feminism because I need to blame all of my problems and shortcomings on men." They think they're being funny and witty but I would straight up punch them if I met them.
Another thing that gets me boiled is a blog site called Return of Kings. It is one of the most blatantly misogynist and disgusting blogs I have ever seen. It includes posts such as:
"Why women with tattoos are broken"
"Why you should date a woman with an eating disorder"
"Here's a checklist of things that she must meet before she can be considered 'wife material'" Absolutely disgusting. One of the posters stated outright that he did not care about the hopes, dreams, and goals of the girls he dated. And what blows my mind most is that these douchbags have support. They're smart and they have amazing grammar but they are absolute pigs that don't deserve to be in a relationship. I had an entire slide of links where all I needed to do was read the web address and I made my point.

I'm glad I did my presentation on that issue. I had a lot of information [probably more than everyone else combined o-o] but my passion made it really stick. My teacher said that it was refreshing to see so much passion and a student said that my information was really interesting and that he learned a lot.

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 Post subject: Re: Feminism
Post Posted: Jan 8th, '15, 06:31    

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Just for kicks, I recently took a "are you a feminist" test by some woman that looked like a raging feminist. Sure enough, I ended up in the middle, along with a scathing comment about how I didn't care enough for women's rights and I had a lot to learn about gender equality. I think she was a feminazi, because I DID pick a lot of gender-equal answers and I also erred on the side of personal responsibility rather than the "I'll do what a want and I don't deserve consequences" side that a lot of people like to cling to.

Not all men are pigs and not all women are ball-busters. If we keep teaching people patience, understanding, and courtesy, eventually we should weed out most of the really prejudiced people. I don't know of that makes me a feminist, equalist, or whatever, and I don't care. But I sure don't want to be misogynist or misandrist, those people are crazy!

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 Post subject: Re: Feminism
Post Posted: Jan 8th, '15, 17:45    

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Yes, I am a feminist. I think that most people in developed countries are feminists. I think most of them just don't realize it because they're confused about what it means to be a feminist. A lot of people think that only women can be feminists, or that feminists don't/can't care about issues that affect men, or that feminists want women to be superior to men. But in reality, being a feminist simply means believing in gender equality.

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