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Me: Your braces are gonna cost us a lot. You better pay us back when you get a great job 8u
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 Post subject: Thank You But Don't
Post Posted: Dec 3rd, '19, 02:56    

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My dad is in this place and this guy that was bothering him, came up to him and pushed him and my dad fell out of his chair and onto the floor.
At first he said the guy punched him, but I don't know if he was trying to say pushed and it corrected it to punched - but I was PISSED.
My dad's struggling with a lot of things and one of those is Diabetes.
He's not doing so good and so that makes me feel more overprotective of him.
And I'm like that with everyone, but especially my family and friends.
I'm like a junkyard dog - I'm loyal to you and all you need to do is say "Sic 'em 8u/" and I will.
I do know exploding on people and getting belligerent doesn't help, and I always try to remain calm - but I don't want to be? xD;

Anyways, I told him that it pissed me off and I started to go down there and have a bitchfit.
And my dad said "I don't need you doing that. What does that tell them about me if I have my daughter kick's someone ass? It says I'm a P***y."
And my mom disagreed and he said it was challenging his manhood to have his daughter bitch someone out for hurting him.

And I just...don't understand? I will admit I have only been close to a handful of males and I don't know all that much about them, so I can't always put myself in their shoes.
But that's not what I was wanting to do. I saw it as someone pushed my sick dad and I got angry and wanted to say something.
I'd do the same for anyone I care about if someone hurt them.
I don't think my dad can't defend himself or he's weak.
It's just my dad. And I love him. And I will bite your face off if you hurt him 8u
It's the junkyard dog in me \8u/

You done anything recently where you were trying to help, but people didn't appreciate it?

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"I'm feelin' electric tonight
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 Post subject: Re: Thank You But Don't
Post Posted: Jan 4th, '20, 13:25    

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well, I dunno if this still counts as helping...

I had this officemate whom I occasionally talk to whenever I see her around the faculty office. She got bullied by our other officemate who coincidentally also happens to be my former college professor back in the day. This FP (former professor) of mine had started spewing nasty rumors/things about her, and it doesn't end there just with that. cause FP turns out to be very effective at persuading others and had most of the other faculties hatin' on her. She had no one to talk to about her situation until one time, after work she asked me to join her buy some snacks in the cafeteria, then the rest is history. she started telling me personal things about her, and gradually I have concluded that she seems genuinely nice and that FP's the one who's really making up stories.

She cleared up her name eventually with other people. she became confident again and cheerful at work and we became friends. Then FP started being lowkey mean on me, so my initial reaction was to be mum about it and not talk to her same as what she was doing to me. I thought it will cool off eventually, the tension between me and FP but things got worse and I found myself in the same situation as my officemate before.

Officemate and I are still friends but she and FP are now on speaking terms. occasionally having a small casual talk with each other about work. which I don't mind.

and now, every day at the office is super awkward. other co-officemates started being mean with me. and officemate 1 (the one being bullied before) though we are still acquaintances, acts like I got some unlucky card or somethin' thats why it backfired on me. Saying things like she slayed all those bad rumors away by remaining her composure and showing them who's the real b+++ in charge. which I find to be not true at all. she cried during those nasty episodes at work and I never comment to her like that.

I know she's just tryin' to give me advice and all, so were good. anyway, this situation at work kinda fits the "Thank You But Don't" for me.

and I apologize for my inept english grammar and communication skill. :mcheh: :mcheh: :mcheh:

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