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 Post subject: The Menagerie- Oc and avi art wanted- Can pay items and FP
Post Posted: Dec 7th, '13, 04:18    

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Hello. You may call me Briar or Kat if you want. Because I've never been able to respond to my username here. I've been on this site for years because I used to like the avis, but I've never been anything like active except for hoarding. Now I am very active in art collecting and I'm seeking to eventually leave this site and sell all of my items for art.

I'm not that with it when it comes to what the items or the art is worth, so just ask for what you want and show me examples. Depending on my attachment to the item and how much I like the art, I will consider from there. I don't think anything I have is really worth much...

What I want:

. medium to high quality art of my Oc's, avatars, and possibly of myself in the future.
. I'm happy to have headshots and lineart, but they must be good enough that I can tell who the art is of. Photo quality must also be sufferable.
. Style: everything. Every 2-d traditional and digital art style you can think of plus a few crafty non-2D things too. Any way that emulates an OC of mine works.
. I'm not someone who has to have my art look exactly like the examples. I'm flexible and accept changes to my designs as long as it makes sense with their personality and character. By all means, have some artistic creativity.

Items up for Grabs:
Good or Evil tail x2
Gigi wig

air manta 1
Earth coat x2
Fire coat x2
Light coat x2
Earth hairclip x2
Fire hairclip x2
Light hairclip
Water hairclip x2
Air spell
Darkness spell
Fire spell x3
Light spell x2
Fire jewel x2
Water spell
Earth arrow x2
Water arrow
Water sign
earth hairclip 2

halloween 10 ghost hat
halloween 10 ghost rags
doughnight '10 background
doughnight '10 cloak
doughnight '10 gloves
doughnight '10 sash
doughnight '10 shirt
doughnight '10 undershirt
doughnight '10 long hair
doughnight '10 short hair
doughnight '10 hat
doughnight '10 headpiece
winter '10 hair (bright purple)
valentines 2011 background
valentines 2011 top
valentines 2011 hair
Summer ’11 bikini (turquoise)
Summer ’11 bikini (sand brown)
Summer ’11 background (sand brown)
Summer ’11 background (turquoise)
summer '11 frame (sand brown)
summer '11 frame (turquoise)
Summer ’11 male hair (turquoise) x2
Summer ’11 female hair (sand brown)
Summer ’11 tattoo (sand brown)
Summer ’11 hairclip
Summer ’11 tail
summer '11 sun mantra
Halloween ’11 pumpkin earrings (orange) x2
Halloween ’11 pumpkin jack (orange)
Halloween '11 pumpkin background (fire orange)
halloween '11 pumpkin hat (fire orange)
halloween '11 pumpkin hat (orange)
halloween '11 bat background (coffee)
halloween '11 bat background (midnight blue)
halloween '11 bat wig (coffee)
Doughtnight '11 background
doughnight '11 frame
doughnight '11 socks
Doughnight ’11 flying reindeer x5
Doughnight ’11 Reindeer on my head
Doughtnight ’11 Reindeer on my shoulder x3
doughnight '11 hair
doughnight '11 headpiece
easter '12 border (violet)
easter '12 background (gray)
summer '12 background (light green)
summer '12 background wind mills (indigo)
summer '12 garland (indigo)
summer '12 garland (yellow)
Halloween ’12 ghost pirate eyepatch (dark brown)
Halloween ’12 dark buttercup x11
Halloween ’12 dark clivia x7
Halloween ’12 dark Freesia x13
Halloween ’12 dark Hibiscus x10
Halloween ’12 dark Lilium x9
Halloween ’12 dark rose x15
halloween '12 ghost pirate ship background
doughnight '12 background
doughnight '12 garland
doughtnight '12 hair
doughnight '12 headpiece
winter '12 background
Easter ’13 chick top (yellow)
Easter ’13 chick brooch (yellow) x2
Easter ’13 chick on the hand (light sand)
easter '13 background (light sand)
easter '13 hair
2013 fireworks background 1
2013 fireworks background 2
2013 fireworks background 3
halloween '13 nurse background (gray white)
halloween '13 nurse background (coffee)
doughnight '13 background
doughnight '13 frame
doughnight '13 garland
doughnight '13 hair
doughnight '13 plaited hair
doughnight '13 headpiece
valentines '14 chocolates
valentines '14 ribbon
KofK 5th anniversary background
doughnight '14 hair

Dulce knuffle ears (brown)
Byron the Third Knuffle hair (ocher)
blush knuffle hair (apricot)
phantom kimono knuffle signs (royal purple)
phantom kimono knuffle signs (claret)

+much more
(Ask if you're questing any knuffle or event items. If you see it on my avi, that's also up for grabs. I just got tired of listing every item I have.)

FP count: 18k

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Huge Art Request


Items as payment

 Post subject: Re: The Menagerie (setting up don't post)
Post Posted: Dec 7th, '13, 04:20    

(All of my characters can be drawn solo. And really, I'd accept art of Wingsy's characters probably if we talk that out (hers are on my website and labeled as such at the top). Any link that doesn't go to my website though, I don't want solo art of.)

Tavis/Davvin (They're full of snark and constantly challenge each other. They were fake dating, but were real the whole time, like idiots. Though they constantly push each other, they're sappy too. Dav is more dominant though not incredibly so.)

Jae/Misty (They're both spunky and have a relationship like best friends that becomes more. Though both were hesitant about actually doing the whole 'soulmate' thing, they fall into the role naturally. Jae is scared. Misty isn't ready to be tied down. They fall in love anyway and have a casual touchy-feely feel.)

Erik/Elliot/Javier (They are a marvel of ridiculousness and sexuality. Three dominant men who fight with passion and gang up on each other. Teases, stupidity, snickers, and mild viciousness. But they're a couple who met, overcame their resistance to love, and became comfortable and passionate with each other in an instant.)

Elias/Barrett (With their age difference, Elias often takes the roles of the kind uncle. He's both tender and biting in a teasing way and they often have witty exchanges that end with Barrett seeming like a child. Though their relationship is full of angst, they show very strong love and Barrett becomes clingy as hell.)

Tristian/Ren (They were an oblivious couple for the longest time. Always acted the part in many ways, but struggled to wrap their heads around it. Tristian ends up more clingy. Ren has a possessive side, just a bit. Rarely shows, but if it were to, it would be strong. They have a quiet and gentle, adorable loving quality.)

Cyril/Piritta (They are a storm. Though a cute and exciting sort of couple, they move at a quick and passionate pace. She remains shy and him the model guy, but they are the sort to be both sweet and loving, and wild and full of adventure.)

Kat & Kitara (sisters-similar to twins, tendency to mirror each other.)
& Nicole (best friend- naggy, bickery, Kat dragging Nikky random places and she just sighs and follows. But Nicole loves it.)

Jex/Ashton (They didn't want to fall in love, but they need each other. They love each other in their own not so smooth and romantic way. They don't do PDA and have private dates. Very behind closed doors lovers. )

Rel/Castiel (Passionate both in anger and love. They fight, but are also obsessed with each other. Kinda edgy.)

Stratous/Terro (they are technically friends and opposites, but I think they'd be lovers if they were to meet. They annoy the crap out of each other, but they care so much and are protective even if they won't show it openly. They love to get into trouble together)

Chi/Juka (couple-Because Juka thought it was a good idea, they started a fake relationship for stage, but it became real. Mostly they're like best friends. Naggy, little fights over banal things, always together laughing. lots of skinship and even more on stage)
+ Deiran & Tama (bandmates. They each have their own individual friendships and any mix of the four draw together would be fine.)

Declan/Koda (Cute and awkward when they just started dating. Declan's got that older brother type feel. Koda is one more awkward with touching. In the epilogue years after the story, they'd turned into a snarky couple always tossing loving insults at each other. Both very comfortable with their relationship.)

Gary/William (were in limbo between friends and lovers for a long time. William=stalker mostly through texts. William is in love obsessively, Gary is 'no love, never' (but already falling in love). FB status=It's complicated. They worked it out, became sappy, are engaged in the epilogue.)

Derek/Jarred (Insane, strange, pervy, sexual harassment (from Jarred). Totally hate each other, but oh that chemistry! That sexual frustration!)

Taiga & Tif (They're twins not lovers, though she hangs off him like they could be. It's hard to tell if he hates or loves her but overall, they're closer to each other than anyone else even if their way of being together is strange.)

Marcel/Aiden (a mature and more adult couple. They struggle hard to show their love though they long to be tender. Marcel takes the dominant role, but if let, Aiden will take it. Both passionate and comfortable just sitting on the couch together.)

Rainer/Gabriel/Antoine (Three trouble making best friends with benefits. Outcasts who are strongly drawn to each other. They fall in love after much drama. Dominance is often chosen by random with Antoine usually winning. Any two or three can be shown together.)

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 Post subject: Re: The Menagerie (setting up don't post)
Post Posted: Dec 7th, '13, 04:21    

Single Oc's

Hong Li

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 Post subject: Re: The Menagerie (setting up don't post)
Post Posted: Dec 7th, '13, 04:24    


Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image ImageImage Image
Image Image Image Image ImageImageImage ImageImage

received avi art= folder

**note: All Syndrone avis are male. Everything else is female.

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 Post subject: Re: The Menagerie (setting up don't post)
Post Posted: Dec 7th, '13, 04:26    

(I will pay well for really good art of these scenes. Must follow the text, although it doesn't have to be completely and totally exact. I would love an illustration that at least refers to the setting and situation fully. Fully colored, fully background would be cool, but I understand this isn't always possible. I do want to be able to recognize it as more than a picture of the characters, but as a specific moment in time. Most of these I only want one picture of)

Gary and William Snuggling under a blanket during a storm-
Gary loves storms and has admitted to himself that he likes the idea of snuggling with a lover during one. William is terrified of storms. A cozy and cute type scene.

Trick or Treat-

It's from my Hetalia fanfic though you need not think of it as fanart. The scene happens during halloween. Tensions had been high, but for that day, everything goes great. Francis is dressed like an elegant pirate in teal and gold with a white plumed hat. Gilbert is dressed like a demon with horns, wings, tail, tight black leather, a shirt that leaves a little bit of his stomach showing, and random tattoos and red and black makeup. Antonio is dressed like a tomato. I'd be happy with just seeing them strolling down the lane in that ridiculous get up, but there's also a specific moment I can supply.

Jex and Ashton bond-
This is the first time they meet and they are in a hot springs taking part in the lifebringing ceremony along with all the other angels and demons of the city, so yes, the pool is very large and set in the valley between mountains. They are mostly naked, but I'm sure the important bits are covered in some way, but I'm lazy to say how...so yeah, water. It happens at midnight. Here is the scene.

Jex and Ashton at the fire fields-
The boys are back and on the first official date! I think all of the details necessary to know the setting are there and all that jazz. I can give specific references to what they're wearing in this scene if you want. So here it is! the scene

Gang shooting-

From my very stuck novel, Umbra. I want the opening incident drawn where a rival gang shoots someone and basically starts a war. I need inspiration...so ART!
scene. Warning, it is violent, but not overly so. I'm aware there is little to none information on looks of the city or the characters, but if anyone is interested, I can supply all of that.

Invisible walls
Based on a fic again, Gilbert has shut himself in his room and away from his brother. The details are in the text. Should be a moment that focuses on how close they are, but that their hands can't actually touch.

Slightly more visible walls
Gil and Lud again, but a different fic. They are facing each other and able to touch hands, but still very separated by a wall of debris created when the building they were in collapsed.

Cigarette toast
Same story as the halloween scene. A year ago, the three men promised to be best friends forever. They sealed it with a cigarette toast on the roof of some club (in LA if you want to know). As in, they leaned in close and touched their cigs together kind of toast. Zyne drew this for me and I'll use it as a ref. I love the idea so much I want more.

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 Post subject: Re: The Menagerie (setting up don't post)
Post Posted: Dec 7th, '13, 04:27    


and open

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 Post subject: Re: The Menagerie- Oc and avi art wanted- items for payment
Post Posted: Apr 8th, '14, 05:55    

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Still open?

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 Post subject: Re: The Menagerie- Oc and avi art wanted- items for payment
Post Posted: Apr 10th, '14, 01:49    

yes it is.

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 Post subject: Re: The Menagerie- Oc and avi art wanted- items for payment
Post Posted: Apr 10th, '14, 02:55    

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Hmmm, your characters look intersting.
I might draw one on the weekends, since my tablet pen is broken, I can only draw traditional art. That okay with you?

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 Post subject: Re: The Menagerie- Oc and avi art wanted- items for payment
Post Posted: Apr 10th, '14, 05:57    

that sounds lovely. Traditional art holds a very special place in my heart.

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