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 Post subject: Trapped in Unknown (Peparexa and Angel-WolfBunny)
Post Posted: Jan 13th, '18, 01:02    

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Two realms exist. One specifically made for humans and one made for everyone that's not one. Legends say that two realms of existence were once one and 'doors' are what's left of that old realm. 'Doors' or portals as some like to call them are places where a person from one world can cross to another. While nonhuman creatures can see them easily for humans it's harder. Only 'gifted' humans and children can see those passages from one realm to other. That's not to say that humans can't pass through them. It happens and most humans don't go back.

Nonhumans, on another hand, go through 'doors' as often as the moon changes its faces. There are some nonhumans like animals that frequently pass from one realm to another while some like elves like to stay on their side and keep as far away from humans as possible.

Very rarely nonhumans are 'locked' in human world either because they need to learn a lesson or because something of theirs was lost there.


Name: Caoimhe Douglass
Age: 24
Sexuality: Lesbian
Creature: Selkie
Appearance: Caoimhe is a tall curvaceous pale woman while in her human form. Her hair is as soft as her fur and just like her fur, it's ash brown in color. It's long and always put in a low ponytail. To humans, the only thing that really 'sticks out' on her as unusual are her big, round, almost black eyes that sit on her heart-shaped face. She normally wears pretty casual clothes that consist of grey pullover sweater and light trousers. Her whole appearance gives off a feeling of friendliness and softness. She has a shell necklace that was a gift from a child of a family for whom she works.

Name: Theodluin Virrieth Elawraek
Age: 358
Sexuality: Gay
Creature: Elf
Appearance: Theodluin is an elf born in a royal family and his appearance reflects that. He is covered in jewelry made of silver and gold and his clothes are just as expensive. His long blonde hair is a color of moonlight and is always pulled in complicated braids. It perfectly frames his oval face on which two sea green eyes are placed. While most elves are skinny, Theodluin has an almost toned body. The thing most humans don't notice when looking at him is that his ears are a bit pointier than human should be. It's because elf ears are normally long pointet with point part being almost as long as their face while they are not concealed by magic.

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 Post subject: Re: Trapped in Unknown (Peparexa and Angel-WolfBunny)
Post Posted: Jan 13th, '18, 21:40    

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Name: Oksana Pavlichenko
Age: 24
Sexuality: Lesbian
Creature: Rusalka
Appearance: Oksana is a slim woman, slightly taller than average. In her human form, her wavy black hair is reaching her lower back and making a sharp contrast with her pale skin. Her high cheekbones and thin, arched eyebrows would make her look a bit too serious, maybe even a bit strict if it wasn't for her warm green eyes and full lips. She likes to wear elegant clothing and a bit of jewelry. Only when she is sure that no human can see her, she returns to her original form with dark green hair and slightly translucent skin that shows more veins than human skin does.

Name: William Ward
Age: 253 (looks like he is in his twenties)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Creature: Dullahan
Appearance: William is a tall and muscular guy with broad shoulders. His eyes are brown, just like his straight hair that is just long enough to cover the back of his neck. Since he spends a lot of time outside, his light skin got a slight tan. He usually wears casual clothes. The only thing about him that humans could find odd (if they don't see him with his head off, of course) is a line resembling a scar going around his neck.

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 Post subject: Re: Trapped in Unknown (Peparexa and Angel-WolfBunny)
Post Posted: Jan 18th, '18, 22:14    

Shouting was echoing off of elfen royal palace. ''What do you mean I have to go live with humans? Why would I do such thing?'' It was obvious that noise was coming from the most important room in the palace. The throne room. It was the place where decisions were made and the new decision didn't really fit young heirs mind.

''I am not ungrateful!'' Yelling continued. Theodluin the heir of Virrieth family was really disturbed by what he was hearing. It was impossible that his family was settled on this decision. He paced through room almost manically. His hands were tangled in the blond hair on top of his head and he was sure that he could hear blood thumping in his ears. Beautiful clothes made to fit specifically him was shuffled. His eyes were red and puffy. In a room made of white marble and glass, a room that looked almost angelic, he stuck out like a sore thumb.

His mother was looking down on him from her wooden throne enchanted in green gemstones. ''This is exact behavior why we are sending you to other realm. Your emotions are way out of place. It's inappropriate for someone of your status.'' Her words were cold. They stung Theodluin and he sent her nasty look. That's the moment when Theodluins father decided to step in. ''This will be good for you.'' Said the older elf. ''We will send you human money and everything. You just need to learn your lesson.'' This sounded softer than what his mother said but still strict.

Theodluin was ready to say something back when bells rang. He knew what that meant. ''We don't have more time. Please go to your room. We will send someone to get you ready.'' Those words were last he heard before he stormed off to his room.


Dust was dancing around Caoimhe's face as she was cleaning the attic of yet another family house. It seemed like she didn't really mind the way room around her looked. Maybe it was because she was used to cleaning such dirty places. She never thought that she would end here when she decided to go to the human world but it didn't really bother her. It was almost like she was born to clean. It was her favorite thing to do. Well, it was her second favorite thing to do. Right after taking care of children. She was lucky that there was always a job for her to do because she couldn't stand being still. Even now, while cleaning she looked more like she was dancing with every particle of dust.

She was just cleaning one of the old closets when she saw something that caught her eye. It was real fur. Hope washed over her for a second. No matter how much she loved it here she would still trade anything to be able to join her family again. But that hope was destroyed when she touched the fur. In a blink of an eye, she realized that wasn't her fur. She fell to the floor taking in a deep breath. ''It isn't seal fur'' She whispered in relief. She was glad that at least none of the other selkies decided to follow her. Maybe she did like this realm but she didn't wish upon any of her kind to be trapped here.

Caoimhe felt like she was sitting on the floor for hours when someone knocked. In no time she was on her legs and on a way to open the door.

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 Post subject: Re: Trapped in Unknown (Peparexa and Angel-WolfBunny)
Post Posted: Jan 19th, '18, 15:44    

William wiped the sweat off his forehead and took a step back, satisfied with the work he had done. He took his garden gloves off and looked at the surprisingly calm black horse that was standing next to him. "You see this, boy?" He pointed at the garden and then picked up the basket full of vegetables. "Those bastards thought they are punishing me by making me stay here."

In reality, this was the most fun and freedom he has had in years. Although he did miss being able to go back to the other world a little bit, he didn't want to dwell on that. He'd much rather see people live, laugh, and have fun than die. So, he did his best to enjoy spending his time here. He did get into a couple of fights, but he also made friends.

Once the tack was on the horse, he climbed it and they went the usual path. With his head on his shoulders, of course. He only took it off when riding his horse during the night, when no one could see them.


"Not here either," Oksana thought. Sighing, she exited the cool water and wrapped a towel around herself. When she got dressed again and her hair, heavy from water, returned to its usual color, she glanced at the river once more, before closing her eyes for a moment and walking away from it. She was starting to think that her search is useless. And it was no surprise. It's been a year and she didn't move forward in the slighest.

But, she didn't want to give up. Perhaps she will just take a break for a while and then continue her search. Time was not a problem for her. She had enough of that. The grief was. But, who knows? Maybe something will happen when she least expects it.

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 Post subject: Re: Trapped in Unknown (Peparexa and Angel-WolfBunny)
Post Posted: May 10th, '18, 02:35    

The sound of knocking was still echoing through attic when Caoimhe grabbed the handle to open the door. The face on the other side of the door was a very well known to Caoimhe. After all, it was the face of the lady that gave her this job.

''Hello, Caoimhe! Working hard as always?'' Lady asked in a voice that sounded cheerful but had an underlying tone of ridicule. With her short stature, curly grey hair and wrinkles on her face she looked like a perfect grandma from 90's tv show. Her name even sounded like that Mary Blomgren. She was the first person to offer a job to Caoimhe when she moved to town in search of a job and ultimately her fur.

''Of course! I'm almost done as you can see!'' Caoimhe answered in an almost sing-song voice. She had to keep this job. After all, it was one of her biggest incomes. She also speculated that her fur was somewhere in one of Mary's closets because Mary was the richest person in town and if anyone could afford seal fur it would be her.

After scanning the room, Mary faced Caoimhe and smiled almost kindly. ''Go home dear, you can finish this in two days. After all, you have to get ready for tomorrow!'' She said and just walked out of the door.

Caoimhe took a deep breath and calmly exited out of the attic room. She didn't have to go far to find the bathroom that she was given a key to so she could change and shower if necessary. As she was changing she noticed that it was already way past the time that she should of have left. She then showered and changed quickly before going out of that house just to come back next day.


Theodluin was laying on his beautifully crafted bed while his servant explained to him what he will have to do in the human world. He was still outraged by the sheer thought that he had to go there and the fact that there was no way to change his parent's minds made him even angrier. He didn't understand where did all this come from and why would they ever think it was a good idea.

Theodluin thoughts were abrupt by the voice of his servant. ''Sir, do you understand what I'm saying?'' Theodluin just shot him an angry look and responded ''Yes, I do understand.'' He sounded almost aggressive ''Just get me to my new home or whatever.'' He said getting off of his bed.

''Alright sir. You can always call me or any of your servants if you need help.'' The servant said while leading Theodluin to the door between the worlds.

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